Sunday, April 14, 2013


A few months ago I was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer.  We are hopeful and I am fighting, hair falling out, down to 93 pounds now.  Ugly disease.

But, I believe in miracles and perhaps will be back to rant and rave again on KAB.

Thanks to everyone who made my time here more enjoyable.  Peace and love to all.

Kate A.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
It is sooo good to hear from you. I even sent you an email trying to find out where you went. You write the most interesting stuff, can't lose you.

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

Here is some info that may be helpful along with the treatment you are using. It certainly cannot hurt you.

The baking soda maple syrup remedy:

Recommended immediately for you:
The company is called
and they are open on Saturdays.

Negative ion undergarment.
This is negative ion undergarments by a Japanese company.

I tried the negative Ion so I know that it works. I did not have cancer, but I seemed to be about to check out of life nonetheless. This pulled me back.

The negative ions allows your body to make use of oxygen immediately. People with all sorts of ailments have had positive experiences with this company's products. On the website there will be no claims of health because of FDA requirements, but the unisex shirt and the long women's undergarment began to show me a difference with my health problems in as little as a half hour after I put it on. If you can also swing getting their nefflon blanket that would be good. but the undergarments ought to be able to do something immediately.

I apologize for telling you all of this on your blog. But I don't know how else to get the information to you now that you have told us what is going on.

The company is membership based and you will either need a referral or the company can hook you up with someone. Give them my member number as they will ask how you found out about them. It is #429936. You can remove all of this from your site once you get the info.

I do suggest that if you get the garments that you make sure the fabric is next to your skin and that you put your bra on - on top of the shirt. In other words if the fabric is not next to your skin, you will not get the powerful benefits this imparts.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kate-A said...

Thanks anon. I'll check these out. I'm open to everything at this point.

My email works, don't know why I missed any emails.


Anonymous said...

I sent another email last night I believe. Don't know why it did not go through. I will resend it.

laurene said...

Ahhhh Kate....I'm so sorry.
I've missed your blog.
I wanted so badly to read you again, but didn't want to read that news.
Please believe that my thoughts are with you and about you.
Take care.

kf said...


Laureen expressed my exact thoughts.

Miracles are a reality - that much I know for sure - and you are without question among the worthy and the faithful.


Kate-A said...

Thank you all. I am doing great with chemo so far, and hope for the best. I'll post updates when I can.

kf said...

You remain dearly missed.

Ongoing prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I hope you are still hanging in there.

Anonymous said...


I have not visited for some time. I hope you are comfortable and making progress.

Come back as soon as you are able.

Jesus said...

I have a pretty small head but this hat fits me nicely. It goes with everything and when I where it, I always feel just a bit more put together. It can be worn higher on the head or pulled down over the eyes a little.

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