Thursday, March 10, 2005


HOMELAND SECURITY UNIVERSITY Eighty locations, including Canada, Europe (10 campuses), Italy, Costa Rica, Israel, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and India. Offered are (in the future) Bachelor, Master, and apparently several "certificates" and "diplomas" in Homeland Security and Public Safety. Not yet accepting students, but are hiring instructors, etc. 1000s of positions. T-shirts with logo are ready, however. Anyone with IAPPA certification or something similar? They are "seeking 5 to 6 people to hire almost immediately for Executive Protection positions. Must have extensive background and training in executive protection."

To give you an idea of the mindset, they include on their site, the "article" of Anne Jacobsen's Terror in the Skies, Again?, the bigoted prosy piece of her flight with 14 dark Syrians which terrified her and other passengers, although they turned out to be musicians on their way to a gig.

The University appears to have been the idea of Captain Robert G. Ross and Commander Peyton M. Coleman. They proposed "that the Secretary of Homeland Security create a National Homeland Security University modeled after the Defense Department's National Defense University." As you can see the University hires a few former and retired military for administrative positions, with former or present FBI agents, Border Patrol personnel, etc.

On the FAQ is some interesting information:

Question: Is this program associated in any way with the US government Department of Homeland Security?
Answer: No. The HSU Project is a private organization which has no direct ties to the DHS. The Homeland Security University system is a private corporation.

Question: Will HSU be an actual college?
Answer: Yes. Each college campus will initially only offer the certificate and diploma programs as non-credit professional development programs. As educational regulatory compliance is met at each campus location, the HSU project will expand into offering lower level degree programs.

If we're lucky, this is just another scam for government funds by a private corporation. If not, when that guy/gal in the homeland shirt asks for your documents, he's simply doing his job of securing the fatherland, and he has the certificate from the university to prove he can.

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