Sunday, November 05, 2006

Negotiating For Fonda

Deandre Brunston, age 24, shot at 81 times by the police, struck by 22 bullets. The policemen's bullets also struck a police dog, the dog died after being airlifted to a hospital. Brunston bled out at the scene. The incident took place in August 2003 in Compton. Brunston was unarmed and according to reports was holding a flip-flop he had found on the porch. Brunston had said he would surrender if he could speak to his pregnant girlfriend Fonda.

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christopher beasley said...

Amazing. The dog was airlifted, meanwhile, the cops were too busy shooting to notice they had already struck him 22 times. Last time I checked, police only use non automatic weapons. That means, if they fired 81 times, they used roughly 4.7 full clips, and at a standard firing rate of one clip per .7 seconds and a reload rate of 2.5 seconds, they fired for a total of roughly 70 seconds. Combined. So, without knowing exactly how many cops were involved, we'll say 4 cops fired simultaneously for 17.5 seconds. Full on. At one man, unarmed, carrying a sandal. How long do you have to stare at a sandal before you realize that it is infact a sandal? 3 seconds? That's for slow people, drunks just waking up, and crack heads. Somehow, the dog made it to an airlift. Amazing. Simply amazing.

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