Monday, May 07, 2007

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A couple or more excerpts from Peter Boyle/Green Left: This year’s proposed US spending on the Iraq war is larger than the military budgets of China and Russia combined. The combined spending requests would push the total for Iraq to US$564 billion, according to the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.

That sort of money could go a long way to addressing so many of the world’s most urgent problems. But war is a very profitable business for some very big and powerful corporations such as Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Vinnell and Blackwater. It has been argued that rather than profiteering from war, these corporations are making war for profit. Many of them would not exist as we know them without war.

If you want to fight the system run by these corporate war criminals then help keep the Green Left Weekly project afloat. Since the last issue, Green Left Weekly supporters raised $2913 bringing the total raised for our fighting fund so far this year to $59,908. That’s 24% of our $250,000 target for this year.

Give us a call also if you would like to help distribute Green Left Weekly or if you want to help organise a mighty protest when Bush comes to Sydney in September this year.

----Yep that's a lot of wasted billions. And most Amurakins pay up – through taxes, through voting for prescreened and ruling class owned pols, by Joe Blow spending more than he earns, by being easily distracted with infotainment news; by Joe joining or supporting or identifying with small, harmless, nonconfrontational groups who proclaim to spread the truth - that US politics/policies are bad. Become a member and we'll keep telling you how bad it is.

But let me tell the "greenies" that not only Halliburton, Grumman, Blackwater "would not exist as we know them without war" but many, many others would not be in the counting house counting out their money. Without this war Hugo and Venezuela would not have all that oil profit to pump into programs; many of which by the way will not show returns on the investment, eventually keeping most Venezuelans in the same poverty, but ruled by the thugs of their choosing.

China's industries are also profiting from US warmongers (see the new seven sisters below). I suppose on the bright side Venezuela could be as successful with socialism as China is with communism – yeharr.

And do folks really believe the US, China or Russia are completely honest and open on military budget spending?

Perhaps we'd rather billions were spent right here at home as under previous administrations. Spent on the prison industry, the drug war, illiteracy, healthcare, job creation. Never mind that prisons cannot rehabilitate and are human warehouses, nevermind that half of America is high on street or prescription drugs, still dumb as dirt and under or unemployed. Give those funds to Wackenhut, DEA, NEA, Lockheed and Grumman still get theirs; give those funds to Medicaid millionaires - waste funds while wasting lives in a different manner; less bloody public.

Worst of all, aside from the lying blood suckery of the global elite warmongers, are the pseudo-solutionists, those altruistic groups to enlighten and lead. Those Orgs, in the one hand bringing stats and corporate names (available everywhere) and in the other hand seeking donations to cover the costs of "fight the system." I've only heard that bumper sticker for half a century.

But the pseudo-solutionists are damn near mighty as entertaining as watching Leroy Jenkins fight.

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