Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer of Peace Tour

Every time I read something of Cindy Sheehan I think of Lila Lipscomb. Of the two women to lead the "peace movement" my choice would have been Lila. I tend to believe the selection of Cindy was because Lila had a mind of her own -"We have to go into Senate meetings and make ourselves seen and heard. We have to go to the House meetings. We have to go to the City Council meetings…."

Lila is a working class woman in an interracial marriage, seemingly genuine, strong of voice; a potential leader. Cindy, formerly a suburban housewife living the typical white life, with a whiny voice, fit the face of a phony anti-war movement much better. Now gadding about malls of the world rather than the California mall, Sheehan was/is malleable, where Lipscomb very possibly might not have been.

I usually don't bother to read Sheehan's articles anymore but read this one from Buzzflash: Friends don't help friends commit war crimes. Full of cliches, memes, talking points, bumper sticker slogans … and the usual prattle from the white "left" that the current white "right" is "lying."

Sheehan: "Exploiting phony intelligence and playing the farcical politics of fear worked for the neo-cons before, but we must not allow it to work again. Why should the world believe anything that comes out of the mouths of the lying BushCo? The only reason would be for profit –"

Excuse me hon, but that's the way your white ruling class has always operated. Fear and lying.

And when in the hell has the USA ever had "moral standing" in the world except in the minds of white people and the history books they wrote?

Like a game show with high stakes – lying for profit – winners take all. These days the white ruling class doesn't openly order the distribution of infected blankets or meet up at the public auction block or slaughter the natives who won't accept Jesus as their savior, and sundry other profit levers. These days, methods to profit are decided in groves and summits and fancy euro cities or pretty places like Aspen.

Yessiree, the ruling class is so slick now they present folks like Cindy Lemmings and Bill Orally as the "opposition" to something. Or high profile jokesters Rosie O' and Annie Coulter a.k.a. the "system's been very very good to us" rude, loud mouth girls for extremists on both sides.

A ruling class so slick they maneuver embedded long-term pols like Ron Paul and Dennis K. into the public arena to be heard as the "voice of the people." I guess that would be "the grit and grind people" - a rule of grit your teeth and bear it libertarianism or grind your teeth and bear it socialism.

But shuckandshit, a few well-placed talking figureheads can convince most of the sheople most of the time they have a say-so in ruling class affairs – and all they have to do is listen, believe, repeat, donate, and follow the ruling class vetted opposition. Right over the cliff ….. screaming we shall overcooommme. Slick.

(Ruling class approved "opposition" safety figures for Black folks are Obama, Jesse, Sharpton, numerous leading Blacks, etc.)


abi said...

Eventhough I know you're talking about me sometimes, I love the way you say it. Slick...

Kate-A said...

blush blush, awww

some of my best and beloved friends are .... you know ... white sheople, I mean ... white leftists. ;)

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