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April 7, 2008 -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been "campaigning" to be John McCain's running mate, a former Bush administration aide said yesterday.

Rice has been courting the Republican elite, Dan Senor, a political strategist and former foreign-policy adviser to President Bush, said on ABC's "This Week."

"Condi Rice has been actively, actually in recent weeks, campaigning for this," he said.

McCain told ABC News, "I did not hear that - I missed those signals."

--------- Dan Senor is so full of it; former AIPAC intern, Carlyle Group associate, foreign policy adviser to the thankfully short-lived presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, a Fox News contributor and all around errand boy for the evil empire.

Condi is much too tainted for the VP slot - any independent voters considering McCain would turn far left if Rice was the vice presidential running mate. Although ... a black republican female lesbian would certainly cover a few "firsts."

I also don't see Mitt getting the position - too many Mormons with multiple teenie bopper wives in the news - but it's possible as the republicans need someone who photo-ops with vitality, as opposed to McCain's one foot shuffling to the grave and one foot on a banana peel.

Fred Thompson, although only 66 he looks like the 86-year-old victim of vampires who have sucked the life out of him, but he has law and order face recognition. Huckabee a possibility - but Huck's religiosity would drive away potential independents and swing voters. And god please don't let that chester molester look-a-like Ghouliani get the VP.

Ron Paul would bring in a lot of votes for McCain - but Ron and John are opposites on their Iraq positions, although I think Paul would accept the job if offered - shucks, just to be forever in history books as VP would be sufficient for Paul. Sorry folks, there's something too psycho anal about a man who has spent his life staring at Texas vaginas and D.C. assholes.

If "diversity" as gimmick is the idea, McCain would be better off with Colin Powell. Although somewhat tainted by BushCo, Powell overall still has the respect of independent/swing voters. There's Alan Keyes, the republicans trot him out every so often for political purposes. And J.C. Watts, who once lambasted black democrats and civil rights leaders as "race-hustling poverty pimps" but he has been critical of 2008 presidential candidates as not showing up for blacks.

McCain is not as gimmicky as most pols so expect his VP to be someone lesser known and/or with lighter baggage.

Then again, does any of it matter with rigged elections? You're gonna get who they give you. Once we see who "they" are going to give us, it is easier to predict the coming attractions.

Also - for those who believe the Republicans want Hillary as the opponent ... wrong. It is Hillary they are afraid they cannot beat in November. They want to run against Obama because they have a good deal of unsavory hero-deflating information on Barack.

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