Thursday, April 03, 2008

Responsible Propaganda

Sighted on multiple dailykos and commondreams and alternet places this morning is the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq, a 36 page plan (including several pages of bibliography and quotes from this or that hero for an hour), supposedly written by "aggressive democrats" who have enticed congressional members (the usual Kucinich), retired generals, and others to sign on. You too can sign on the Plan.

On the "about" page there is not much information, other than the Plan is a project of Responsible Media LLC, which on a google search turns up nothing, therefore Responsible Media LLC must be very new indeed. Another limited liability corporation recently born.

Responsible Media's PR men are Trevor FitzGibbon and Alex Howe. Fitzgibbon also oversees media relations and strategy for and is VP of Media Relations at Fenton Communications. Howe is also spokesperson at times for and an executive at Fenton Communications.

So, there you have it. A public relations firm and PR men writing policy solutions to social and political problems. No agenda there huh Bubba?

The "Responsible Plan" is no more than rehashing progressive slogans - here are the 7 points they list:

1. End U.S. Military Action in Iraq
2. Use U.S. diplomatic power
3. Address humanitarian concerns
4. Restore our Constitution
5. Restore our military
6. Restore independence to the media
7. Create a new, U.S.-centered energy policy

Basically it's "redeployment" progressive style. It's pumping money to the same sources under the guise of "humanitarian" concerns. It calls for removing the power of presidential "signing statements" which of course will flip-flop to a good option as soon as a democrat takes the Oval Office. Calls for better benefits to military veterans - always a favorite political stump to stand on. Calls for restoring something we have never had "independence to the media." And, employ more bureaucratic wonkers to talk, talk, talk and throw money at ideas for alternative "energy" pork.

And oh yes, the "restore our constitution" which has been the slogan for 7 years now, and as example the usual wail regarding "warrantless spying" which I have come to conclude progressives understand not at all how FISA works, otherwise they would know that the major issue with FISA is insufficient oversight - not "illegal spying" on Amerikuns. And who gives a shit if telecom companies are immunized from redress when criminal politician A catches criminal politician B laundering money or other sleazy deeds.

The Responsible Plan is doublespeak crappola packaged for progressives.

I can't help it Bubba - but I still gawk in amazement at stupid.

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