Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chomping Noam

Here is Chomsky's latest piece, predominantly a rehash on evil Caucasians of American history, particularly Ford to Clinton. Gosh, will the leftists, always big on inclusion, have to include mulatto Obama on the list of American Imperialists pigs?

Noam: "Historical amnesia is a dangerous social phenomenon ..."

Sigh, roll eyes, no - it is the nature of man, collectively taking 2 steps forward and 1 step backward - but hey, "historical amnesia is a dangerous social phenomenon" has the ring of a more ominous intellectual scary-world ooophm!

In a couple of sentences Noam mentioned what Japan did in China, France in Algeria, and the British in India. But, this hit piece was not about evil-doers of Europe or Asia - it is the god awful barbarism of the USA. A barbarism Noam calls American Amnesia.

Noam reminds American amnesiacs of crimes against all the world's colored folk, many in the US : Vietnamese , Blacks, Native Americans, Central and South Americans, and of course Middle Easterners, specifically Gitmo as torture chamber. I say reminding Americans, because we know the masses overseas are not reading Noam in Dong Thap Province, or in Chichicastanengo, nor the Mbuti or Fulani people. (The left's favorite metizo,Thank-You-Bush-War-For-Oil Chavez, does read and plug Noam, and then there was the 2007 Osama bin Laden tape praising Chomsky. If you don't know Chomsky's book sales are pumped/plumped by government funded educational purchases and mandatory academics you must be one of his disciples, and if you told me some intel acronym bought Noam's books to keep sales up, I wouldn't be surprised.)

Phenomenon, amnesia? No. This piece is to remind colored folks here at home, that maybe we should still be pissed about the barbaric practices of the USA - and it is never ending, era after era after era ... Good lord Bubba, is "white guilt" still trendy? Is it payback time?

Chomsky says he supported McKinney in the 2008 election, you remember McKinney. Had no political problems for 12 years as a representative, then suddenly shortly after WTC/911 she changed her hairdo, cried racism in the Capitol, and went Green. I still wonder what sociopolitical "change" Cynthia thinks is coming down the pike. Chomsky also stated that if Ron Paul ran against Hillary Clinton he would support Hillary. Hillary?! Puleeze ... talk about a corrupt career imperialist ... Is there some dementia going on here?

Of course Noam, like all great scholars of his genre, has no viable solution (although the Rodney King Doctrine comes to mind, "cain't we all just get along"), nary a plan, not one word of how-to or remedy for any of barbaric America's past, present or future atrocities (he predicts future US atrocities) - but as always Noam is just reminding us of our own merciless behavior (especially all you white imperialists), like a good Left pundit should. Or the usual solution, consider having the UN or some global body rule the world - which seems to be the favored solution from leftist scholars (hacks/hirelings), who reluctantly are forced to live well under the boot of American imperialism.

Noam has been stirring our memories for 40 years Bubba and look where US society is today - more divided, demoralized, and socially alienated than when Noam began his career 81 senile years ago. How awful it must be for a political activist to look back at a lifetime of lecturing on the evils of America and realize one hasn't politically or socially accomplished diddly spit, unless of course that was the initial goal.

There's only so much you can blame on republicans and neocons and slaveholders and the man - social critics like Chomsky too have played a subtle role in shaping this fractious society we call homeland. Guys like this seemingly don't believe we are or ever were the land of the free and home of the brave. No sirrrree - the US is a 233-year-old arrogant boot stomping on the neck, especially necks of color, of what would otherwise be a world of peace. (If you breathe too hot on the heels of left professional social critics/activists a few will concede a time or two when the US was the good guys, e.g. WWII.)

So here we are, crying and begging our leaders to be keepers of world peace, while hanging onto the words of old professorial farts telling us who to blame as the leaders/keepers fail time and again, war after war - but hey, we now have many learned folks to tell us who to blame - blame the US. You know Bub, world atrocities are about the only thing dumbed down, doped up, poverty-stricken Americans accept personal responsibility for - and it only took a generation to get there.

We've become an undulating mass of petty philistines choosing one or another famous social critic to mimic; a pastime for halfass activists who think, in between sips of Cha tea, that verbally bashing the Government is really living on the edge - don't let the hardcore "left" know you don't swallow - they will claim your IQ is double digit (considered a high insult), especially if you're not impressed with Chomsky's finger pointing.

But Bubba, the stumper is this - I don't know how Noam's career as America's most influential leftist intellectual ever lasted 4+ decades under the jackboot of Imperialist Amerika.

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