Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wa-tada! Revisited

In February 2007 I blogged a post on Ehren Watada:

Not to pee on the parade - but it could be this whole officer-takes-a-stand scene is a staged op from the other faction of the ruling elite. In an environment of national news dominated by celebrity lives/death and sex junk – any anti-Iraq war "news" or personality, is questionable. Remember too, it's not that the other "faction" of the ruling elite are good guys when in power, they just prefer the appearance of legal slaughter.

This past week's mistrial in the Watada case has been hailed as a "blow to the Pentagon." It's not the Pentagon getting this blowjob folks. Don't look for any retrial; this will end as it began, nice and neat.

It now seems likely Ehren will resign his commission, receive a general discharge, and find other arenas in which to fight whatever he is fighting (right after the probable book deal) – or he could show up in 30 years as a heavy medal-chested planner in the Pentagon. But more likely a civilian political office is at the top of his to-do list.

--- I was under the impression that the 2 conduct unbecoming charges had been dropped in January 2007, but according to this story today, 05/06/09 "Fort Lewis leadership is still mulling how to handle two remaining allegations of conduct unbecoming an officer against Watada." But, as I more or less predicted, the Justice Department asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the matter which they did yesterday. Obama will receive credit for not pursuing the matter, his administration being kinder and gentler.

And today, his attorney says Watada, "... plans to return to civilian life and to attend law school."

So .... guess that political office is on the to-do list. Maybe Ehren will study contract law, show folks how to get out of contracts/oath without any serious consequences; he may be real pol material.

In some ways, Watada is the male version of Sheehan - both "found" a conscience that catapulted them into new careers because they had the "courage to resist" Bush's Iraq war and the evil neocons or something like that.

Ft. Lewis is "mulling," which is code for the pseudo-left has finished with these two bullshit distractions. Hmm, catapult, an ancient military device for hurling missiles. Sort of like Ehren and Cindy were thrown at the public as icons of courage, although neither of them have shown any mental or moral strength.

Oh lord Bubba, are they this generation's Jane Fonda and John Kerry? Will our grandchildren have to suffer through their careers and appearances as I have Jane and John's?

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