Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sculpting Trivia

The news continues to harp on the Obama beer summit, a dialogue on racism (2 blacks guys who see racism everywhere will double-team a clueless white guy). A Boston cop called Gates a "banana eating jungle monkey." Now, that's ugly racist, no matter how much the cop denies it.

I am very tired of the Jackomania spin, attempting to portray Michael Jackson as something other than the drug-addicted has been he was, so I thought it only appropriate that I concentrate on something magnificently trivial.

I will not dwell on the past month's 2 or 3 dozen deaths of US soldiers in the Wars for Oil - the "left" believe the troops are getting what they deserve and the "right" consider their death the price of freedom.

I will not dwell this afternoon on the ridiculous Obamacare - which if passed, the ignorant folks, who support the plan and the bloated bureaucracy to come with it, will pay dearly. I will not think about the dividends from Cigna Insurance operations in China with its supplemental consumer health products and services.

I will not think long or much about the incessant argument of the "capitalist" system versus the "socialist" system because we have had a perverse version of both, stirred into the American psyche to the point that ethics and morality are buzz words that citizens mouth regularly but cannot practice in reality and each side blames world evil as the result of the other side's system.

Osama bin Forgotten. BushCo who? Bill Ayers, Rezko, Auchi, Jeremiah Wright, that pushy grubby bunch of ACORNistas, who cares? And who cares if Nancy Pelosi has the same face job as Joan Rivers. I will not seethe too loudly over the fact that Michael Vick fans are willing to give him another chance, after murdering and torturing helpless animals for his own pleasure. Is Commander Cowboy still straddling the border of Nicaragua and Honduras - nanner nanner nanner. I will not think of these things and people.

I will be thankful that this month there is no affluent missing white girl to glisten the eyes of Nancy Grace, no media whores photo'ed without underwear to overload google search engine. I am grateful this month there is no loser husband dumping his wife and 8 kids because he is "only 32 years old" and decided his ragmag fans were right when they bitched about his wife. (Better get a job Jon or beg Kate to take you back.)

What, no celeb giving birth to twins this week? Who is getting custody, who got busted?

I will not dissect and parse and spin political systems, or debate the plans BigDaddy government has for us; let us not consider the booze with Barry or discuss the what if of the latest popular autopsy result - instead - let us turn our attention to the fashion sense, or lack of, of our first ladies.

That's right, what I want to languish mentally on today Bubba is - fashion. That's right, fashion. It's the wife-beater shirt you wear and those skinny jeans. You remind me of Michelle Obama.

First of all let me say, Michelle could not possibly choose anything any worse than the garb of the 5 first ladies in this photo. My god, if forced to choose one of those get-ups, I would cringe ... hmmm I guess I would flip a coin for either Nancy's red dress or Rosalind's purple. Barbara may have a "beautiful mind" but her taste in formal wear is anything but. To give her the benefit of the doubt - could Babs have been en route to grannie's quilting bee when this photo was taken?

There has been hoopla regarding Michelle's sleeveless look. But, remember the phrase - flaunt it if you got it - and she does not have the waggle flapping underarms, yet. And she doesn't have a farmer's tan ... and maybe she is hot-blooded in her deltoids, triceps, biceps and brachial radialis and does not feel cold at all going sleeveless at those chillier photo-op events.

Remember the buzz: Mrs. Obama’s super-sculpted arms are the result of years of effort ... those arms have become Mrs. Obama’s most constant accessory ... her arms that pop out, rippled and gleaming ... They represent achievement and self-control, wrote Kate Holmquist in the Irish Times...

Gosh Bubba - you were paroled with super sculpted, rippled, gleaming arms but I never thought of them as testament to your years of effort. Now I see it in an entirely new light. Being you were big, bald, and buffed - I thought you just had too much time on your hands doing time. Bubba, if Michelle can go sleeveless to reveal hers, you just go on and gleam in a wife-beater shirt, or that black mesh-thingy shirt.


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