Friday, July 24, 2009

The Unfortunate People

Have you read the "Clinton RU-486 files"? Judicial Watch has the full length version.

Here's a sample, a Ron Weddington 1993 letter to Clinton.

Weddington: "... you can start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of our country. No, I'm not advocating some sort of mass extinction (sic) of these unfortunate people. Crime, drugs and disease are already doing that. The problem is that their numbers are not only replaced but increased by the birth of millions of babies to people who can't afford to have babies. There, I've said it. It's what we all know is true... "

Weddington adds a P.S. to the letter: ""I was co-counsel in Roe v. Wade, have sired zero children and one fetus, the abortion of which was recently recounted by my ex-wife in her book, A Question of Choice (Grosset/Putnam, 1992). I had a vasectomy in 1969 and have never had one moment of regret."

The Weddingtons divorced in 1974. Poster children for good spousal/parental role models? I suppose, although they are not poor, ignorant, or unhealthy, we can be thankful the Weddingtons chose not to breed.

The second page of the document is a letter to Betsy Wright, where Weddington discusses the "notion" of starting a non-profit company to market RU-486 because a "non-profit would eliminate the need for products liability insurance... Something's got to be done very quickly. 26 million foodstamp recipients is more than the country can stand."

Although the man has a point, the cycle of poverty, crime, drugs, etc., he is representative of many "liberals/progressives" who publicly defend abortion as a woman's right to her own body blah blah blah - but privately advocate abortion for, not mass extinction, just elimination of some - who coincidentally happen to be barely educated, unhealthy, and poor.

Weddington even blames part of the problem on the Reagan era of "religious orgy" with pastors encouraging reproduction. He suggests enlisting the aid of sports and entertainment stars to counteract church propaganda. Celebrities as reproductive role models? Yea, that'll work, you can use misogynist rappers and pop pedophiles, and angels and madonnas who buy babies for their nannies to tend to.

Apparently Ron doesn't know the statistics on abortion - that over 60% of abortions are white women between the ages of 25-40. Not the illiterate sickly and poor ghetto females he alludes to. Ron's target of the poor and disadvantaged are the last to use abortion as birth control. Since 1972 has legal abortion and access to birth control stopped indiscriminate reproduction among the poor? I don't think so Bubba Ron. As long as casual breeding is socially acceptable under the banner of "sexual freedom", and paid for by BigDaddy government, here in the 'hood and in the trailers and in the projects and in the working class 'burbs, folks will keep having babies they can't afford. Want to stop millions of illegitimate babies? Stop paying for it. The mommas will make damn sure their baby girls aren't having babies if momma has to pay the bills.

And, wouldn't ya know it - Ron was wasting no time with the notion of getting in on the non-profit marketing of RU-486, an elimination product. A real progressive not-for-profit capitalist I guess.

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