Sunday, August 16, 2009

Give 'Til it Hurts


Without you serving me – and the people I run with – there is no Kateablog, no opinion update, no one to jiggle the facts, no one to write propaganda to counteract propaganda, no nothing. That’s why I have my own dedicated servants – so I can relax often and better serve you. But there’s just one problem: I'm nearly always under attack. There are plenty of anonymous pranksters out there who would love to see Kateablog brought down. One way to do this is by launching an attack on my lifestyle– bombarding me with so many requests for payment that I will eventually have to shut up and actually do a little work around here.

But I have been under more serious types of attack. Password-hacking, in which people attempt to gain control over Kateablog, is just one example. That could result in bringing down all my rants on this site, wiping out years of archives that no one reads anyway.

I just survived such an attack last week, originating from China (or so I'm told by my web host, MyMuckFace). And, hey, they started hacking just in time for my fundraising drive!

Speaking of which – my lifestyle with servants (only a maid, gardener, and yacht crew) costs me around $50,000 a year to maintain. That’s a lot of money, as far as I'm concerned – and I need to upgrade my security even more to ensure that the have-nots do not access my property or lifestyle which I've become accustomed to, and to ensure it continues uninterrupted. But I can’t afford more hired help right now – unless I get a lot more contributions from you dear supporters.

Kateablog is needed now more than ever – and you can help save it by contributing today. Your donation is 100% non tax-deductible, and goes entirely to the cause of promoting a more plush and easy life so that I may ponder and pontificate on the world and pull opinions out of my ...

Servants and donor$ are essential to my lifestyle – just as Kateablog is itself vital to a functioning opinionator such as myself. For over 4 years, I have been keeping the American people informed about what I think - and I want to keep going for at least another 5 years, at which time I may become an expat. But I can’t keep bloviating and linking to links without your immediate assistance.

Don't Delay!
Help me keep you informed, help me help world peace, justice, truth .. blah blah blah yada yada yada.


Anonymous said...

I'll take a KAB read any day over those linking and barking chained ones' offerings.

Once again, another carrot cake award-winning year!


Kate-A said...

Thanks - would if we could have some carrot cake and gourmet coffee. :)

Anonymous said...

Send a smoke signal if you're ever in the Big Bend area - there's a little place in the Brewster County seat just perfect for a would if we could! - Kathyr

Kate-A said...

Might be doable if that is in TX, #2 son based out of Lackland AFB and we plan a short trip sometimes when he is home on leave. He's coming home on leave in Oct and b/c his 2nd son is due September-ish.

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