Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wee Wee'd (Stand) Up

In context : "... And when you notice that nobody is paying attention to what you're doing, just remember we've been through this before. Some of you were involved when we were in Iowa, 30 points down, and all of Washington said, oh, it's over -- hand-wringing and angst and teeth-gnashing. (Laughter.) And then last year just about this time, you'll recall that the Republicans had just nominated their Vice Presidential candidate, and everybody was -- the media was obsessed with it, and cable was 24 hours a day, and "Obama's lost his mojo." (Laughter.) You remember all that? (Laughter.) There's something about August going into September -- (laughter) -- where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up. (Laughter.) I don't know what it is. (Laughter.) But that's what happens."

---- Hmmm. That's "wee-weed up" on the official website - and BHO should stay away from the word "weed" as we know he has a penchant for smoking ... (laughter).

Could it be wee-wee as in pee pee? Does everyone in Washington in the months of August and September wet themselves (laughter) - because they are going on break from delegating those wordy legislative bills to staffers to read. It's hard labor passing along that much paperwork (laughter).

Or did Obama use "wee-wee'd up" because from what I've seen of the adoring audience nearest Obama that day, it was heavily geriatric, and some may have been wee-weeing as he spoke (laughter). Maybe BHO was getting a whiff of Depend (laughter).

Or maybe he meant wee-weed up as in very small things that only eat, shit, and bother people, like gnats and flies. Was Barry Mojo just speaking off-the-cuff to wee the little people? (Laughter.)

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