Sunday, March 04, 2012

This is Serious Business

The "alternative" sites still passing off rumor and imagination as news.  The US is amassing troops on a couple of "strategic" islands, one being Socotra, between Yemen and the Horn of Africa.  To attack Iran.  Google search for information brings up the usual suspects, Godlike Productions, Above Top Secret, Prison Planet, WRH, etc. etc.  I will credit WRH prefacing with "if this turns out to be true" before the crapolla.  The story seems to have initiated from Debka.

Debka is known for pulling "the attack on Iran" neocon-based dream out of thin air.  Folks need to deprogram their minds (and money) from left/right and in-between rumor mills - the sites peddle more bogus stories than even mainstream media.   

According to Debka "Since 2010, the US has been quietly building giant air force and naval bases on Socotra ."  How does one quietly build giant air force and naval bases, in secret?  They don't, it's not happening.  The only truth in the piece is that the ships deployed to the ME, which is what ships do. 

According to Mac Slavo at "Make no mistake: this is serious business. They will kill as many as is needed (on our side and theirs) in order to push the agenda forward."  The "agenda" being ?  Oil? And where is Iraq's oil going? To China according to T. Pickens Boone.  Told you, years ago, China the biggest factory on the global plantation needs that oil.  No reason to think Iran's oil wouldn't go there too.  Make no mistake about it.  But Iran already fuels the dragon so..., tell me again, what's the agenda? Oh oh oh I remember, it's the New World Order oppression agenda, designed by "financiers, politicians and influencers."  Those global ruling illuminati Masonic lizards with secret handshakes and hidden symbols everywhere. 

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