Friday, June 10, 2005

21st Century Minstrel Show

Barack Obama, who impressed so many, myself included, with his speech at the Democratic convention has criticized Howard Dean (DNC chair) for recent remarks. Dean said on Monday that the Republican Party was "pretty much a white, Christian party." As much as I dislike Dean he got that one right. Offended the vilest, most corrupt political party in our time? Whoop dee do.

Obama said: "As somebody who is a Christian myself, I don't like it when people use religion to divide, whether that is Republican or Democrat," "I think in terms of his role as party spokesman, [Dean] probably needs to be a little more careful and I suspect that is a message he is going to be getting from a number of us," Obama explained. Obama's version of "can't we all just get along."

Now how was Dean's truthful comment on the republican party used to "divide?" How was it even a divisive religious comment? I've been pissy with other democrats who spout warnings of be "more careful" with what you say, so now Obama, who I had hoped might have a pair, has instead his hat in hand, gazing at the floor, ready to sing and dance for the rightwing.

I should have stayed with my first impression last year when Obama was running for senate. When the republicans sent Alan Keyes to run as opponent I thought, what the hell is going on? they might as well call Obama the winner now. If the republicans wanted to guarantee an Obama win in IL they couldn't have made a better choice than to send the Republican party's Stepin Fetchit Keyes.

Obama could be tearing a new anus for Ken Mehlman (RNC chairman) for stating on Meet The Press that the Downing Street Memo claims "have been totally discredited by everyone who's looked at it," including the 9-11 Commission and the Senate, when in fact neither the Commission or the Senate looked at Bush's use of pre-war intel.

But instead Barack chastises the head of his own party over an honest narrow ass partisan comment. I have to figure Obama, intelligent and charismatic as he is, will play the Republican's Sambo, a docile Black who accepts the Republican's white Christian party etiquette.

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Deleted said...

To be fair, Obama criticized John Danforth when he said some of the same things as Dean. But wait! He didn't do that.

Obama is a nasty piece of work and his speech at the convention looks positively clintonian in retrospect. He moves ahead by sucking up to the right people and ostracizing the people getting piled on. He's playing the "big man on campus" game and trying to move from second string to first string.

He reminds me of Clinton, only much more polished. He's got the same contempt for the people he's tricking under his made for televison charisma.

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