Friday, June 03, 2005


Lol. Can't help myself. According to NYT For Fruit Flies, Gene Shift Tilts Sex Orientation . A genetically altered fly was released into an observation chamber and began the foreplay that fruit flies do when given a virgin female fly. Problem was it was 2 female fruit flies. One with an altered gene. Some think it may be the scientific poof necessary to end gay bashing. Sure, and proving melanin is a pigment will end racism.

It is not clear (at the moment) if there is a single sexual master gene for humans but from this finding on fruit flies: "The results are so clean and compelling, the whole field of the genetic roots of behavior is moved forward tremendously by this work," said Dr. Michael Weiss, (who is gay).

At the same time the article states that "The researchers cautioned that any of these wired behaviors set by master genes will probably be modified by experience." I'm surprised we don't have a much larger gay population if experience can modify wired behaviors set by master genes. Or does this mean experience will make some gays flame and some not? Simply activating the dormant male portion of the gene in a female fly caused a genetic female to display the elaborate foreplay of a male fruit fly. I want to know if there was evidence that other male fruit flies wanted to watch.

Past breakthroughs have shown similar genetic behaviors between human and primate. Aggressiveness, social structure. Both man and chimp will throw feces when caged. Dominant male chimps will delay sharing food with females who are not sexually disposed, i.e. the dinner date.

But hey, eugenetically speaking, someday these "scientists" can modify the sex gene to make us all "normal." On the other hand, you could go in bitching and come out switching, or is that swishing.

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