Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Food For Thought

From KansasCityStar : In a Najaf soccer stadium, troops from the Iraqi army, the police and other emergency units paraded for an hour before a reviewing stand filled with U.S. and Iraqi dignitaries.

Then, in what seems to have been the high point of the affair, the members of a commando unit gave a dramatic demonstration of their courage.

According to published accounts, each commando plucked a frog from his pocket, bit off its head and flung aside the twitching lower parts. Then their leader cut open a rabbit and passed it to the others to chew on its still-beating heart.

Bear in mind, these are U.S.-trained forces — elite members of the Iraqi military upon which the future of that country, if it has one, is said to depend.

---- Okay, who told these guys about Fear Factor, the All Gross Edition? Where young pretty athletic types eat live beetles, squirming worms, popping maggots, crawling spiders, fat juicy earthworms, or sheep uterus and sheep eyeballs, and get dunked in tanks of nasty liquids, bobbing in blood as this young thing :

SAIRA GOUVEIA: When I started putting the earplugs and the noseclips and the goggles on, I started getting very, very claustrophobic. You can't hear and you can't breathe through your nose and it was a terrible feeling. And I knew I wasn't going to be able to see anything in there. And when I stuck my head in that blood and I came out, I also found out that I couldn't really breathe through my mouth because it was so thick. It was terrible. Ugh.

FEAR FACTOR: What did the blood taste like? What was the smell like?

Sample FF Menu:
Milk the Goat
Worm & Roach Blender
Eye Jackpot
Maggoty Cheese
Bobbing in Blood
Eat Horse Rectum
Slugs & Bile

Chitlins anyone? Cannibal sandwich?

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