Monday, March 19, 2007

Dennis Dennis Dennis

Sigh … please. We are not going to war on Iran. For over 2 years I have blogged on the global billionaire investors in the Middle East business boom. Those billionaires and minor millionaires will not allow investments in and around Iran to be disturbed, Bush or no Bush, neocons or no neocons. Halliburton is now so confident of the ME investment environment - they moved HQ to Dubai. Very unlikely the US will be making a green glass parking lot of Iran.

And please … what the hell good will "urging conversation about impeachment" do to the status quo? Nada, I tell you. Nada. Oust one among many corrupt elite-serving pols? Do you really want Dick Cheney as president? Expensive congressional probing for theatrics. I am quite tired of the probing, plunging, and plummeting that politicians engage in.

I've danced to the impeachment tune twice before; the Tricky Dicky and Monica's Cigar. I'm a bit winded with the silly waltzes. If you want my vote DK go radical. Below is a list of smaller points you can begin with.

1. Term limits of 6 years for all politicians, and repeal the bill that says serving 5 years qualifies congress members for pension / retirement benefits, that's a no no no.
2. Ban all PACs and lobbyists. Kick them to the dirtiest curb in DC. At the very least mandate PAC/lobby offices must be located in the 9th ward of New Orleans and communication with DC pols is restricted to ground mail only.
3. Require presidential and congressional campaigns be funded by the public. No big daddy warbucks donating. And for the love of god – ban campaigning until 3 months before election day, not 3 years.
4. Require corporations receiving government contracts to use US labor for contracts. None of this "we don't have the qualified labor" excuse. No government contracts to any company which outsources labor that can be done in the US. And if they whine about high labor costs - too bad. Henry Ford managed.
5. I've a lengthy, lengthy list of "radical" items on income taxation, non-profits, social programs, etc., will forward on request. Tell Elizabeth hello for me.

Oh, and Dennis, get rid of the yellow tie. Although to holistic healers yellow is the color of peace and for some folks it's springtime, it signifies mourning in Egypt, executioners once wore yellow in Spain, and traitors and criminals in early France. In America it can mean coward, or "yellow journalism" i.e. irresponsible and alarmist reporting. So, nix the yellow tie ... unless of course you were going for the alarmist look.

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