Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Firestorms For Short Attention Spans

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The chief White House lawyer floated the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys at the start of President Bush's second term, but the Justice Department objected and eventually recommended the eight dismissals that have generated a political firestorm two years later.

However, it was okay when Janet "Waco Burning" Reno fired all 93 US attorneys back in 1993, surely at the request of Bubba Clinton.

Oh, but you say this "Justice Department clearly intended to skirt the Senate altogether and use the Patriot Act provision to appoint U.S. attorneys that would serve until the end of Bush’s term"? The attorneys always serve at the discretion of the sitting president.

Oh but now they bypass senate confirmation you say? Yeah, as if this or any congress has been a stumbling block to the Bush regime. Besides, the "opposition" party will praise bypassing and all manner of BushCo statutes in 2009.

Distraction. Given to you by after-the-fact criers of "continuity of government" - comic strip dittoheads. Buy another T-shirt and chat a storm at your favorite forum.


Anonymous said...

It is normal for attorneys to be replaced. Their term of service is only 4 years, not permenantly. It is not normal to replace them in mid-term simply because they are not prosecuting enough Democrats and/or are prosecuting too many Repuglicans, or because they aren't considered "loyal" to King George.

Kate-A said...

"not normal to replace them midterm" ... that the DLC talking point heh?

Anyone have the stats on how many prosecutorial actions are going on and against which party? These attorneys have no more integrity than the appointment they rode in on.

But not to fret - Queen Hillary coming soon and she'll clean up Boy George leavings, yessiree.

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