Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grassy Knolls Remake

Sheen/O'Donnell Attack Dogs Are Bushite Neo-Cons On The Payroll. Well, I would expect so, why would anyone else bother. Charlie and Rosie attacked by dogs, or doing as they're told on someone's payroll?

First thing – no celebrity does anything without instructions from the power masters of Holly'hood. Careers can disappear overnight if a celebrity releases an unscripted opinion. Media stars claw, climb, and beg in too many painful positions to risk anything that isn't sent from the studio head.

Get on the wrong side of the moguls and no matter the size of the fan club, the errant celeb will be caught - picking up transvestites, masterbating in the theater, having sex with minors, tax evasion, etc. I would so hate being so owned.

So what are Charlie and Rosie up to? As voices for truth, could the movement not find a better pair? Why not Peewee Herman and Britney Spears. Rupaul and Paris Hilton. There are just some folks who when they speak, ya can't help but wonder where their mouth has been.

I'm grateful Charlie and Rosie are representing the celebrity "truth movement" as I'd be sooooo disappointed to see genuine talent, i.e. Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding, Denzel, or Samuel Jackson, belatedly speaking "truth" to power - truth which involves laser beams and holograms or no planes and loose change. (We got Oprah though.)

I'm reminded of Oliver Stone, known for decades as a Hollywood truthsayer. In his drama of JFK, he depicts New Orleans DA Jim Garrison's search for truth behind the JFK assassination. Stone's 3-hour cinema pointed to involvement of the US government, US military, CIA, Cuban exiles, the Mob, gay Clay Shaw, and a fringe group of assorted low-lifes lurking around with memorable movie lines. But never, ever, did Stone hint of an Israel/Mossad connection to the murder of JFK.

Celebritydum. Where the stars are as out of touch with the real world as politicians. (Witness the rise and fall of star Obama.) Where lives are screen plays, edited and rewritten on whim of TPTB. Where careers are designed, packaged, and with no shortage of fantasy and dysfunction. Thank god for plastic, paint, and airbrush. Tinsel and taint, where everything is a lie.

Which reminds me of The Donald. I heard him say this week that "everything in Washington is a lie." Yeharrrr Bubba. Donald says Bush is the worst president ever. Only took The Duh-nald 7 years to catch on to that one. Fans say Donald is right on the money, whoooo boy, truth will hit the fan now.

My first thought, Donald's been reading left leaning blogs – but on second thought he probably delegated the chore to someone who listed the talking points, alphabetized. Note that in the Donald's script he says Boy Bush is the "worst president ever" (lone gunman theory), slips in praise for Poppy Bush, says "civil war" more than once, reinforces the war is a "disaster" and "the rest of the world hates us, the Europeans hate us."

Oh, the pain of it all. The rest of the world hates us, well, France, Germany, and England according to the Trump. Does Donnie's European billionaire friends and business colleagues discuss with him how much they hate us? I don't think so. Does billionaire Donnie go slumming in the pub with Joe Blokes who tell him they hate us? Or, maybe it's the fawning hotel bag carriers and maids, the waiters and hostesses in Donnie's life that tell him they hate us, after they get past his entourage.

Could it be Bush foreign policy concerns the Donald now because part of Trump fortunes are invested in Dubai and Arabian regional real estate? Time to stop the war. Global mogul portfolios are full enough now, thank you, see ya next conflict.

Is it "wakeup America" or grow-up America? It would be hilarious if not so pitiful watching Americans put hope in celebrities "speaking truth to power" to save the world. I'm told it's good they speak out because they "have a wide audience." They have fans. Who writes this sloganistic rationale?

Never mind, progressives bobble and blather onward – no Malcolm, no Martin, no Bobby or John. Just the Duhnald, the doper, and a dike.

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