Sunday, April 15, 2007

Left Tongue Flapping

Liberals/progressives chatter of Paul "The Despicable" Wolfowitz' getting his girly friend a job. Cronyism, favoritism, etc. As if everyone and anyone with any connection doesn't do the same when possible.

The higher traffic "progressive" sites all mention the salary of Paul's friend as "making more than Condi Rice."

I must have been tilling the garden when progressives flipped from dogging Con Rice to concern about her welfare and income in comparison to other employees.

Hillary C. also slams the "culture of cronyism."

Guess she forgot Bubba Bill or someone transferred Monica to the Pentagon with the job title - Confidential Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. Or that Bubba's buddy Vernon Jordan was sent to get Monica into a private sector job when Ken Starr listed her as a witness, but that didn't work out. Monica just had to blow all her opportunities. Or was she role playing in that vast rightwing conspiracy?

Anyone remember John F. Kennedy hiring brother Bobby as AG? Oh, I know, I know - when the "left" cronies-up, their folks are qualified, justified, deserve the jobs, winky wink.

Liberals/conservatives, neocons/progressives, 1 mouth with 2 tongues. But, on the bright side, I sometimes laugh at the "left" tongue flapping - they're such hams at dramatic theatrics.


abi said...

I do remember when JFK appointed his brother as atty general. But RFK was qualified for the job, unlike lots of current crony appointments. Also, JFK wanted someone he could trust. I think what Wolfowitz wanted was something altogether different.

Kate-A said...

While I overall liked the Kennedys of the '60s I fault Bobby to some degree for his relentless pursuit of Hoffa.

Hoffa may have been many things - but he was for the working man, and after his take-down began the loss of worker rights, jobs, and the manufacturing base in America.

In the '60s I saw RFK in Mississippi and I saw a look of pure shock and realization on his face - a reality moment, when he touched Black poverty up close, and I believed he might have made a difference in America.

But, those who would make a difference pay a heavy price.

abi said...

RFK admitted he was a ruthless bastard (I'm sure you know the great quote on that: "People say I am ruthless. I am not ruthless. And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless, I shall destroy him.") And his pursuit of Hoffa was ruthless. But I can't say it was unjustified.

I have the same sense about RFK as you - he was genuinely and deeply affected by poverty in America, and I think he would have pursued that with the same ruthless determination as he pursued Hoffa. His death was a huge loss for us.

Kate-A said...

agree with you on all that. I'm not sure I've heard/read that quote of Bobby's. If only the leaders of the '60s had lived ....

My future son-in-law, great young man, once commented about me with "There is a side of every competitor who wants to leave his opponent lifeless and demoralized on the side of the road. And then there is that other, darker side."

Would you happen to know where/who the quote is from, or if anonymous?

abi said...

I can't find the full context for RFK's quote, but apparently he made it while campaigning for the Senate in 1964. Here's one source - about 3/4 of the way down.

It might just be apocryphal.

That's a great quote by your future son-in-law, too. But I wouldn't get on the wrong side of him. ;-)

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