Saturday, April 07, 2007

Rip Van Whistle

Shills and babblers still yelling the US to attack Iran – this month, April, spring, soon.

From correspondents in Middle East. (I wouldn't want a byline on this crap either.)

"The US is planning to attack Iran's nuclear reactors and other nuclear facilities by the end of this month, the Kuwait-based Arab Times newspaper reported Wednesday. Citing anonymous sources in Washington, it said that various White House departments had started preparing the political speech to be delivered by the US president later this month, announcing the military attack on Iran."

---The powers that be will need better justification than "… Iran's alleged role in the killing of American soldiers in Iraq by supporting various militias with money and arms." Think the "supporting terra-ists" b.s. will work a second time? TPTB need an "inciting" event. A "Tonkin" – google it.

But current propaganda claims "… sources were quoted as saying that US will not resort to a ground attack in order to avoid human losses." Puleeze, the global fascists readily throw their puppets Bush and Blair under the oncoming train of the NWO – ya think human loss is a concern for these people?

Hmmm okay, well, even without an inciting event, with an air war the US body count will be low and the American public will not rise up in protest. Off hand, I can't think of anything that will get Americans to rise up from the couch.

An attack on Iran, would give the democrats more to promise the peasantry – i.e. they will stop the madness once they, the party of "peace and prosperity" are installed. The dems will guarantee to clean up the neo- "new-con" messes quicker than you can say Bosniakosovo and UN blue hat specials, clean up in aisle wag-a-dog. Austerity at sacrifice prices. Just keep voting.

Really wanna scare the powers that be? Turn your back on the ballot until there is real choice.

Recall the first 3 years after 9/11 somewhere around 85 percent of the American public (if you believe in polls) supported BushCo Wars. Yep, after the WTC "attack" 85 percent of Americans were traumatized, riled up, "awake" and ready to fight. The remaining reluctant 15 percent must have included nearly the entire Black populace, 13%, and 2% other aware citizens.

Anti-war folks are such gullible hope'sters - praising Rosies and Charlies and any crackpot who will preach from the prison planet and/or ivory tower. If I weren't such an orthodox heathen, today's "progressive heroes" would drive me to take my piss and vinegar and join the Republican party.

Think Boy Bush will be known as the godfather of the NAU (North American Union)? The economic marriage of necessity where Joe Blow's environment will be half as friendly as Canada and one step up from a Tijuana shanty. Smell the third world? I caught a whiff of it when I was based out of Denver in the '80s, so it's been coming a long time, should be here by now. The perfume of raw sewage, fried beans, and "free trade." You want open borders? – open wide - you're gonna get them, good and hard.

But keep trying to "wake up" those sleepy heads who apparently slept through Bubba Clinton's shafta programs and balanced budget cookbooks. Slept through election coup 2000 and 2004. Snoozed during the war on Afghanistan to get Yomama bin Ladened. Wake up a few green folks who napped until Al "Utilities" Gore and Prince Charlie Tampon conveniently and profitably told them the world is warming, the world is warming. Truth is Joe, TPTB have other uses for the anglo "way of life" which no longer includes po' white folk getting a share of the resources. Yessirree, your free po' white privilege ride has ended.

Just wait until TPTB force you to live like a refugee – in the War on Global Warming - while they maintain their level of luxury. Must be descendents of the same folks who snored and farted through centuries of corporate and political corruption, from the Vanderbilts and Duponts to Kenny Boy and Dead Eye Dick (Cheney). Slept through Prescott and Adolf and Iran in the Reagan basement, through Poppy Bush and Saxy Bill doing drugs and Jennifers in Mena.

Keep your eye on the new century's versions of Dealey plaza, the Ambassador kitchen, the Lorraine balcony. It's going to be a never-ending ground zero investigation, just pucker and blow. And while you're whistling ….

Oye. Left and right, muff divers and trannie annies, page boys and kiddie men, skull and bone coffin divers, spin the loofah O'Reilly jerks off with, trump cards and obamaramas, watch white girl Hillary fake a drawl, watch leading Blacks bleach up. Let them entertain you. TPTB have a catalogue of heroes and feudsters to "speak truth" … - waking people up. Check local schedules for programming.

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