Monday, April 23, 2007


Technology, defined as that thing which progressives always claim will change the world for the better. The progressive minded promise technology will enlighten, educate, inform, entertain. Technology, primitive or current, will reach more people - it will challenge the powers that be (TPTB). Packaged and sold in such a way, it is hope.

Technoinfo began around 1460 with the Gutenberg moveable type. The printed word can be credited not only for a revolution in the production of books, but for promoting the development in the sciences, arts and religion through the transmission of text.

One of the first Gutenberg printables, the Bible, limited to 145 or so copies, was the Anglo contract with God that to rape, murder, plunder, enslave, smite and smote darker inhabitants around the globe was all outlined and approved right there in the guten book. Just follow the testament of priests and kings. Mark your X at the bottom and board the ship; heathens await to be "civilized" and god will sort 'em out.

Printed information and knowledge, the Word, at the speed of movable type and distribution, limited but available to a few.

After 1460 mankind did become smarter and wiser. Yep, sure did. Although literacy was not rampant, some day modern average Joe would reap the rewards of learning to read the printed word, better yet – he would let others, more "learned", interpret the meaning of words - from the pew, the podium, the blackboard.

Joe advances slowly but surely. Manifestos, newspapers, Marvel comics, romance novels, Playboy, Hustler, VCR instructions, assembled in Mexico, made in China.

In the 1800s "wireless telegraphy" began evolving. Telegraph, between 1825 and 1835. Telephone around 1875. Radio, connected closely with the first two, was put in use around 1903.

Again, progressives of the era shouted a new age of information would usher in a better world for common man.

Information, instant or almost. Live. Call for Phillip Morris. Telegram. Europe at it again. World War on radio waves and movie newsreel. Is that you Myrtle, only the Shadow knows.

Then television. From the silent big screen and talkies – a TV, a big box of information in every home. Truly a feat of the genius of modern man.

Television was guaranteed to free the sheople of ignorance and boredom – it would educate as well as entertain - and as public airwaves "it would always be free." Hahaha, folks really believed that one.

But the best was still to come. The Internet.

And again, folks are promised, assured, excited – it's a new era of outreach and information for the common man. Average folks will use this newfound tool of knowledge to unite and challenge the status quo.

Yessiree, we the sheople got TPTB by the techcojones this time! We're internetted.

We're ready, hear us roar – in numbers too big to ignore …. (Helen Reddy? I need to google that).

Keyboard revolutionaries - let the rebellion begin!

Just as soon as I win this round of Word Whomp and play a few hours of World of Warcraft – I'm gonna sign that online petition to save the Gitmos and send a scathing e-mail to my congressman to end the PersianKitty War and bring our troops home now.

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