Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush Appoints Plantation Overseer To African Command

Gen. William E. Ward, the Army’s only black four-star general, was chosen to lead the Pentagon’s new Africa Command. General Ward, 58, now deputy commander of the European Command, will take over a command established to work with African countries to strengthen their governments and militaries and make them less vulnerable to terrorists. Initially, the command will be run through the European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, but is expected to become an independent unit by the end of September 2008.

---- The African Command is a move to coordinate U.S. offense policy for the continent and provide a single military organization for agencies like the State Department and the CIA to work with in the region. And of course TPTB will initially put a Black face on the boss. Does Ward look a bit like Mugabe?

(Reminds me of the Anglo logic here in the heartland where still, in discussing slavery, Jim and Bob, without fail, will include the assertion that native Africans sold Blacks to slave traders so don't blame white people for slavery. Yep, Bubba, it was those Black folks selling Black folks that led Anglos to believe slavery was okay. White folks just feel better about atrocity when they have been "tricked into it" by the very folks who are recipients of the atrocities.)

General "Kip" Ward did so well with his Euro/Bosnia command that in 2005 he was appointed "senior security coordinator" to help train and equip Palestinian forces and monitor Israeli and Palestinian promises to suspend military actions against each other. That went so well that in July 2006 Kip was promoted to the fifth Black 4-star general in U.S. Army history, and currently the only one.

Before that fourth star General Ward, in March 2000 said - "I stand in front of these parades and watch soldiers march by -- and I look at the ranks, and I look at the leadership," Ward told conference attendees. "And the picture that I see is not one that gives me a lot of hope for what lies in the future."

He was not inferring that military leadership is hopelessly criminal but that we need more ROTC for Black folks as the Anglo empire moves to finish off the Motherland.

Will Kip some day soon speak of the terrorist threat certain African nations pose to the civilized world in what the military calls "the long war"?

Wonder which corporate boards Kip will sit on.


Anonymous said...

Kind of difficult to know how you really feel about this hero...??? I've only recently discovered your blog. He's a great man and will leave a huge legacy...regardless, thanks for at least discussing this great story.

Anonymous said... should do a little more research on AFRICOM and his role in the process of building this for the past 3 years...(you should also read up on some of the others they considered for the post-- and where they are now..)

Kate-A said...

Thanks for commenting.

AFRICOM, supposedly to help African nations promote peace and security is another Western move disguised as winning the "war on terror" and the hearts and minds of Africans.

After centuries of Anglos arming and training local dictators and warlords in client states, raping the continent of its gold, diamonds, minerals, oil, labor – this is white folks putting a benign official face on killing the natives in order to save them, and their valuables.

This is nothing more than Westerners prepping the chessboard for proxy wars or open wars over Africa's natural resources, particularly oil, and if need be to block access to seaports along the Horn of Africa, limiting seaway lanes to China and India.

AFRICOM's job will be to maintain dominance over mother Africa's energy resources, etc. A protection racket for Western interests that's touted as do-gooding.

It doesn't take a genius to know what increased militarization and US presence will do to the people of Africa. Shamefully, Ward is just another flunky for the struggling empire.

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