Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Joseph Wilson (Plame) endorses Hillary Clinton. From the "left" blogosphere :

"Wilson has known Clinton for over a decade. He said she is not the aloof rock star that walks on stage, gives her speech, then walks off with her bodyguards without feeling or thought. "She's been a policy wonk since she was 21 and in school." Wilson believes Clinton is the one that understands the adversary we're all facing and will fight for us better than the rest of the field. "This is not a job interview," said Wilson, in response to the possibility of being in a Clinton administration."

From ElectionCentral : "Wilson, asked if he would serve under a Hillary administration if offered a post, says: "This is not a job interview," though he adds: "You never know."

---You were a life-long registered republican who didn't get a high post from BushCo. Did Poppy promise you a nice spot after all those years in Africa and in Iraq and telling Saddam to get out of Kuwait, then Poppy Bush introducing you as a true American hero because (reportedly) you saved thousands and said you'd bring your "own fucking rope"? What a man, what a man.

Those must have been heady days for ya Joe, moving up from years of flunky to hero of the moment. But some folks are just born yes-men. And it must run in the family, i.e. Uncle Pete Wilson is a servant for the BushCo too.

Come on Joe W., you self-serving word wonk, Secretary of State sounds good doesn't it? Oh by the way - what's the "adversary we're all facing"?

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