Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Wizard of O

Oprah Winfrey was criticized for supporting Israel:

The Joint Advocacy Initiative, a partnership between the East Jerusalem YMCA and the YWCA of Palestine, said in a June 8 letter that Winfrey’s willingness to visit Israel was "very shocking" considering her image as someone who “stands with oppressed, marginalized people, fights racism, and works for justice and human rights.”

The letter was apparently a response to the talk show host’s declaration last month that she sympathized with the suffering of Israelis and would accept an invitation from Elie Wiesel to visit the Jewish state.

--- Did I suffer a brain cloud? As I certainly do not associate Oprah with fighting for the oppressed, the marginalized, or for justice. She's not exactly the idea of Che lives compaƱero!

But, they did say "her image" image, yep her image as … the great and powerful Wizard of Op, come back tomorrow you ungrateful creatures … pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

The Oprah Israel pilgrimage has prompted an online petition pleading with Oprah to also visit Palestine and seek truth. Uh-oh – remember who runs Hollywood and big media folks. It ain't Palestinians or Arabs. Suggesting that Oprah support the truth, as in "Israel is blatantly carrying out a massive genocide" would end Winfrey's career faster than you can say Fatty Arbuckle and a broken coke bottle.

Oprah "sides" with whomever and whatever her advisors and handlers tell her to. Media moguls made her and media moguls can taketh her away. She has money but no power – other than to ratchet up selected authors book sales, weep with her fans over emotional general interest stories, and plug products such as the age-defying secrets of Thermage. She doesn't build dreams – she builds sales volume and immortal publicity for Oprah.

She does not lose sleep over Israel or Palestine or Afghanistan or Iraq. She may lose sleep over ratings, or being denied entrance into the Hermes store in Paris afterhours. She may lose a few minutes sleep wrestling with which accessory item is an O magazine must-have handbag or which is her favorite summer find - is it the Land’s End Zip Top Tote or Havaianas rubber flip-flops for the beach?

She's the new millenium's Dear Abby or Ann Landers, pushing advice on life, love, and the universe with her only credentials being she knows how to diet, she never married, she never raised a child and she miraculously went from the homely mediocre talent of Sophie in the Color Purple to the thinner, few shades lighter and a little plastic tweaking goddess of daytime television.

She is a vain, petty, self-centered guru for empty-headed fans who star worship at the feet of O. She's the greasy-palm traveling preacher selling hope, healing, life, and eternal love while soliciting sales at the altar of Op Rah, God of Marketing.

You best stop believing assistance will come from forced-on-the-public personalities who are manufactured on the couches of Hollywood & Big Business. Said personalities spend their days getting in and out of hair and makeup, going over wardrobes, and discussing what photo-op or pubic maneuver is next on the agenda. Sort of like politicians. You have to hit their wallets – real hard - to get any attention.

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