Saturday, May 31, 2008

Divide & Conquer

Rev. Michael Pfleger

Pfleger is a longtime Obama friend and was in the audience at the National Press Club for Wright's press conference, and when we talked afterward, he realized Wright created a problem for Obama. I was told Pfleger's comments stunned some in the Obama camp because they expected him to be more politically savvy -- and not take on Clinton, especially at Trinity, of all places.

----- Pfleger thinks Wright causes a problem for Obama? And then Pfleger performs the same sort of song and dance?

I find it disturbing that these crazy men of cloth, Pfleger and Wright, have built careers, and sometimes personal wealth, on exploiting black anger. Yes, there is racism in America, and always will be to some degree - but what have Wright or Pfleger done to ameliorate the situation?

There's an old joke : One day a farmer, after spending years with his mule plowing hard, unyielding soil in the hot sun for long hours every day, decided he had had enough of such labor. One day he put down his plow and looked to the sky and proclaimed, "Oh, God, this sun is so hot, and this ground is so hard, I do believe this Negro is called to preach."

Every wonder why current black "leaders" are preachers? Establishment whites approve of black men who put down the plow and do little but beg for more money from a pulpit, particularly from the pulpit of the white man's god.

Without strong families and moral principles, which is what these preaching fools should be bellowing about from the pulpit, the majority of blacks, whether we admit it or not, will never compete economically in white America. Disrespect education and keep having babies you cannot provide for on the master's modern plantation, and sit back and wait for reparations if you want.

While I can agree with Wright and Pfleger on a point or two here and there - personally, I wouldn't give two shits for either one of them - both have oversized egos and are out first and foremost for themselves and personal glory. Both are smug and pandering to their audiences. Both are slick players in the Chicago political machine, and would throw their own momma under a bus for vanity and with an amen.

A small nagging voice asks me if their animosity and theatrics is to widen the racial divide.

And remember, I'm no fan of Hillary so this is not in her defense.

To my children I passed the idea of don't get mad/get equal - prove you are as good or better than the white man. You have more access and opportunity now than at any time in American black history - especially to education and mobility.

Guys like Pfleger and Wright, while condemning white entitlement, push black entitlement and wrath. How does that make any sense? Whatever became of forgiveness?

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