Monday, September 08, 2008

Ever Wonder

I'm wondering: Obama and his handlers have, more or less, portrayed Barack as the product of a single parent household, where at times his Kansas momma used food stamps; a boy with simple working class grandparents.

So who paid tuition for his private prep school in Hawaii (the school today runs about $17,000 per year)? His first 2 college years before Columbia U were at Occidental, another private Ivy type college. This website says Obama at Occidental was on a scholarship but not what type - I've read elsewhere it was an athletic scholarship. Seems to me Bubba that Barry was not the brilliant scholar until later.

How did Obama manage to fund his way through Columbia University and Harvard (his daddy's alma mater)? He claims to have "worked his way" through college but according to Factcheck Barack had 3 summer jobs during his college career - construction, deli worker, telemarketing - hardly sufficient for the Ivy League schools above. He also says student loans paid his way but his years at Columbia and Harvard were during the Reagan era when higher education loans and grants were hit hard by Ronnie and Poppy Bush. Even so, student loans are not enough to pay for an Ivy League education. Myself and other family members know what it means to "work your way through college" and it's working 12 months of the year - not just summers wrapping lunchmeat or teledialing. Even with "affirmative action" and special minority grants an Ivy league education carries a hefty price tag. And do you know how difficult it is to get into Columbia or Harvard?

Did his grandparents help? Obama has never said they contributed financially to his education. Nor has he credited his father, stepfather, or his mother; Stanley Ann seems to have spent a good deal of her life as a struggling student.

Obama's years between Columbia and Harvard (approx 1983-1988) were spent in Chicago "Black community organizing." Sometimes I read this is low paid altruistic work, other times it's nice work if you can get it. Obama's biggest claim to organizing fame was registering voters for the Chicago Democrat machine. In either case it's doubtful Obama was pinching pennies to save for Harvard law school. During his community organizing he joined Rev. Wright's Trinity church, where he apparently napped during Jeremiah's fiery tirades about whitey's America.

In an interview with Percy Sutton, an aging Harlem politician and Malcolm X lawyer, it was said that back in the 1980s Donald Warden a.k.a. Khalid al Mansour had lobbied for Saudi prince Alaweed bin Talal to fund Barry's education. But left/progressive bloggers and Obama's camp are denying this story.

I cannot find enough teeth in the story to believe it or disbelieve it. I tend to think there may be a grain of truth as Obama's connections to Tony Rezko and possibly Nadhmi Auchi have been discussed here numerous times, hence other Middle East connections would not be a stretch. Is Percy Sutton senile? Is Warden/Mansour godfather to Obama? Or is it a rightwing conspiracy theory to push Obama with radical Islam connections?

I do believe Obama is not what he appears to be and his backers are not who we are led to believe. Odd as it may sound, Obama may be politically backed by the same folks behind BushCo - but regardless who they back the goal over the past 30 years has been the destruction of the US, which they seem close to accomplishing.

Which makes me wonder why so many "progressives" want to see the collapse of their own country. What the hell do they think will replace it?

I also wonder why mainstream media has not made more noise over Obama's shady connections. Oh sure, they've mentioned Bill Ayers but he's no longer a bomb building anti-establishment type. Which makes me ask - how come so many radical felonious folks rose from the underground to become well-paid "respectable" members of the status quo? Ever wonder why so many medal tossing long haired flag burners became life-long members of the political establishment? Ever wonder why all the "social" movements in the '60s ended overnight?

Ever wonder why Obama wants to change the education system since it apparently worked so well for him, the fatherless child of a Kansas mother?

Ever wonder if almost everything you think you know is mere b.s.?

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