Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Have I mentioned the military-academic complex?

In 2002, an Association of American Universities report noted that nearly 350 colleges and universities were conducting research under funding by the Department of Defense, and that universities were receiving more than 60 percent of defense basic research funding.

Since 1802, when Thomas Jefferson signed legislation establishing the United States Military Academy, America has been formally melding higher education and the art of warfare. The second is the militarized civilian university--since World War II and the emergence of the national security state, civilian educational institutions have increasingly become engaged in the pursuit of enhanced war-making abilities.

DePaul College of Law professor Barry Kellman received a $30,000 grant from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for his part in something called a Bio-Security Matrix Feasibility Assessment. When asked for the practical application of this typically cryptic project, it was explained that the assessment aimed to "weave together a matrix of the many international organizations that have partial responsibility for preventing bioterrorism."

---- Quite a web to weave ... Amounts for 2007 here. So go ahead and protest those recruiting offices on campus, just don't bother the dean about DoD funds, which could range as much as $42,000,000 (Duke U) in a fiscal year.

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