Thursday, April 02, 2009

Progressive Love

The idiocy of youth. Busting a few windows and hurling insults to topple the "capitalist" system - whoo hooo. What do these folks really want? I believe their motto is "social justice." Hmmm. Now what would a more just society entail?

A national healthcare system? Direly needed with the approaching 70% overweight/obese citizenry and associated health problems appearing at a younger age than ever before. The large number of drug seekers and hypochondriacs are plentiful. And the growing numbers of lifestyle "disabled" folks, addicts, slackers, octomoms, etc. who have floundered around their entire lives expecting others to pick up after them and clean up their messes. Not that the global corporatocracy will pay for all these sickly folks, no sirreeee, they will not. The shrinking middle class is expected to generate the tax dollars to cover these folks, for a more just society.

Quality education for one and all? Hmmm, how long has the government been promising quality education? This year alone our local high school has 3 times caught students having sex in the bathroom, 6 blowjobs on the bus, 25 sexting, 5 locker drug busts, and needing more tax dollars to enlarge the nursery for teen mommies (thank you Medicaid) who think they look so cute bringing infant carriers to school. Those teens who behave really badly are sent to the "alternative" school. Lesson? My 16-year-old granddaughter (who happens to be a virgin) can sit between 2 pregnant classmates discussing heartburn and frequent urination while she's trying to grasp the concepts of algebra. Can you see who is sacrificing here my pussface lemming brain comrades?

Human rights and equality. Oh Bubba, that's a hairy one. What are basic human rights/equality? Lets condense that to meaning: The right to personally pursue anything that does not harm others, and equality before the law - and you have these rights/equality simply by virtue of being human. The old right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And if your pursuit happens to cost me directly and indirectly?

Well, don't worry, according to progressive philosophy I'm not allowed to name it, blame it, or shame it - because that would be politically incorrect, however, I can be forced to contribute to the programs to aid whatever slovenly self-destructive pursuit you pursue, as long as you do not rob, beat, mug, maim, or murder me, it's not causing direct harm to me and mine. Right? And if you are incarcerated for anything I can sign a petition to free you because jails are full of guys and gals who didn't do it because cops frame everyone, and some who did commit the crime did so only because they were born in poverty, which is the 40-excuses-and-a-mule card.

We are all free to make our own anti-social bone-headed self-destructive choices and then demand and receive gratuitous pity from those in swanky offices doling out dollars to the slovenly and slattern living in squalor, and call it " social justice." Right?

Other platforms you must support somewhat to be a progressive: Gay marriage, single motherhood, gun control, save the planet, legalization of marijuana, be against capital punishment, and for many, many more programs from BigDaddy Guvteat - to furnish you all the milk of justice and equality you can stand.

Squeeze me again Uncle Sam, harder, harder.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

This is off the subject, but I had to make a comment about all of the bailouts, layoffs, etc. that is making headlines around the internet. It is so blatently obvious that what you said after the election is happening. "The agenda still continues" (Forgive me if I have misquoted you).

With all of this seeming recklessness happening politically and financially, one thing after another, I would say that the "New World Order" is not making any pretenses about putting the finishing touches on things.
Things seem to be following what this guy named Uri said. (He was in a video you posted sometime ago.) It was interesting, but I have to tell you I am bored with the politicians who are playing out this game. Too obvious. And in a way, pitiful.

Kate-A said...

Pitiful and obvious yes.

Sad too as I don't think most Americans understand what the coming "one world united" is going to do to their standard of living and the future of their grandchildren.

Did you see the Obama bow to the Saudi king? I couldn't believe he did such a thing so obviously and then his handlers try to pass it off as he bent over b/c the king was short. So is the queen but he didn't "bend over" for her, nor did Michelle even curtsy which I think used to be protocol.

Pols and pundits abandoned the American people a long time ago but I'm still surprised how few folks seem to see what's going on. Uri was right.

I'm still not certain all this one world will come about w/o another world war though. Interesting times we live in.

Anonymous said...

No, I did not see Obama bow to the Saudi King. I wonder if that was a fantasy and he just wanted to do it out of childhood fantasies about royalty.

Actually, I would have loved to curtsy before a real live queen. I am surprised there are no pictures showing Michelle doing it. With royalty, it is all so much a fantasy with me. I wonder if there is more to it with political agendas.

I do not usually watch Obama. He affects me the same way Bill Clinton did. I found Bill uninteresting and never paid attention to him until the Monica Lewinsky thing came up. Although many thought he was very charasmatic, I did not feel that way about him. Then, I felt sorry for him because they picked on him so much. After that, I paid more attention to him.

Michelle is much more interesting and comes across as more genuine to me than Obama does for some reason. Obama is very smoothe and is very good at answering questions posed to him; but it appears to me that sometimes during the limited times I have heard him, he has actually evaded the questions with answers in a way that does not tie him down to anything. That is what I have gotten, I could be incorrect.

Obama and Michelle are both winners at their respective games. (Although I do wish Michelle would begin doing something about her wardrobe. Oscar de la Renta has a point. Her taste was refreshing in the beginning, but now, more often than not, she just looks too casual and un-put-together for her high profile position and the attention she attracts). But if that is the way she likes it... Of course she still have over 3 1/2 years to try the more established designers clothes.

I don't understand what the New World Order will bring to us making the transition into it either, but I hope it is not too hard. As long as we are here on earth, we might as well enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Huffinton Post is carrying a story on Obama bowing to the Saudi Royal just as you mentioned.

There must be more to this among the elites of the world. Actually, kind of scary now that I think about it.

I guess he is one of the PTB of the world that calls the shots on world affairs.

Kate-A said...

I'm quoting myself here from a 2005 blog post:

"As for who the "ruling elite" are that's simple. The royal bloodlines of old. While many had to capitulate in recent times and technically forego thrones they maintained their hold on wealth, power, and one another. Nederlands, Belgium, Germany, all of Europe, heirs to Russia, Arab world, etc. Those not literally on a throne are still recognized as royal. The world is their colony. Queen Beatrix is of interest to me lately, but I'm still working on which small group of bloodlines have the final say in world matters.

The clubs such as Iluminati, Masons, Templars, etc. are/were like the rooks and knights on the chess board, nothing more or less. Not the power. Many have become harmless club meetings, bar-b-ques in towns across the world. NATO and the UN are more likely carrying out the NWO than any "secret" organizations. Secrecy ideas excite the masses. Why hide now when the agenda can be accomplished in plain sight and sanction of the masses under the auspice of international organizations.

As I've said before, this is just another money/power spat among the ruling elite, although I believe they are more united these days than ever before - being there's too many feeders and too little land mass left to fight over. I'm not sure China is playing as planned which could be a problem for the world. Time will tell."

Presidents, prime ministers, captains of industry, etc. are not bluebloods, and hence do the bidding of the ruling class - they are the buffer class between the peasantry and the true ruling class. Being a buffer pays very well with money, fame, awards, yadayada - and for those who don't play as told it can all be taken away (coups, assassinations, scandal, disgrace, discrediting, no book deals, etc.).

But Obama's near grovel bow was so peasant-like, he behaved so shucks and awed paying homage - I was under the impression the US gave up bowing down to royalty after we whipped their butts in 1776.

Maybe next time Barry won't bow quite so low - I thought he was going to kiss the man's hand for a minute, maybe he did.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I like the way you say "they maintained their hold on wealth, power, and one another." The part "and one another", is interesting. It seems they have a very small spectrum of people that are in their circle and I would guess it is nearly impossible if not outright impossible to get into their circle. If one would somehow manage to marry someone in this circle, I wonder if they would find themselves "on the outside looking in" and not really a part of things with them.

You make the information about the ruling class user friendly and quite interesting with a touch of intrigue, while simultaneously being simple and straightforward with what you are saying.

What about the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission? I thought the Illuminati and the rest of the gang were on the same level as these. It is all so intrigueing. These things would make for a good movie for sure. The James Bond franchise could use some competition.

Kate-A said...

Thanks anon. Maybe a post on CFR would be interesting - I might try to work on that this weekend ...

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