Saturday, February 13, 2010

Innate Simpletons

Tea Partyers Are White Nationalists, Pure and Simple.

Proof please, or just BAR's opinion?

There was a local Tea Party a few months ago but the turnout was small. However, the Partyers "core values" are: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets. I can agree with that.

White Nationalists, KKK, Stormfront, skinheads, etc. are small groups of antisocial misfits and losers seeking attention. They can make money preaching their b.s. Their "leaders" are similar, like it or not, to guys like Jeremiah Wright - blaming another race for the benefit of their personal coffers. Painting a target on the back of someone else. Shepherds, herds, dues, collection plates - and they all claim God is on their side.

The "left" would be lost if not for the bums and excons of White Nationalists to scare folks. White Nationalists have as much power as did the multiracial S.L.A., or the Black Liberation Army - self-styled militants who consider themselves a revolutionary vanguard army. The only thing such groups accomplish is making criminals of themselves. They all use the same rhetoric, same shooting range, same tactics, making everything a class or race struggle, appealing to the most incompetent and weak-minded among us.

I guess BAR would think Les Phillip is an Uncle Tom for defending the Tea Partyers? Or Angela McGlowan from Mississippi?

Someone on the "right" suggested a literacy test and to the "left" that equals racism. I know a lot of folks, black, white, and brown, who agree that voters should be literate. Every wonder if we are where we are because too many stupid have been voting for too long?

The "left" had an orgasm when Meghan McCain said Tea Parties represent "innate racism." But shucks, what can you expect from a political youngin' like Meg who gets more attention with her boobs than her brains.

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