Thursday, February 11, 2010


After falling short of the supermajority needed last week under streamlined rules for noncontroversial bills, Delegate Donna Christensen's bill to make St. Croix's Estate Castle Nugent a National Historic Site passed the House of Representatives Wednesday, and will be heading on to the Senate.

Zero Republicans supported the bill both times. Five Democrats voted no initially and four voted no on the second vote. The final vote was 240-yes to 175-no.

Based on Park Service estimates, CBO figures the entire 2,900 acres of non-submerged land addressed by the bill has a value of about $45 million and would take 10 years to acquire. The submerged land belongs to the V.I. Government and would be donated or traded, perhaps for land within the V.I. National Park on St. John.

In addition, CBO estimates a cost of $1 million to develop a general management plan and $1 million a year to manage the new park.

---- Owners of the property, the Gasperi family of cattle ranchers, wanted to prevent the land from being raped and pillaged, or "developed." They must be delighted with $45,000,000+ million in their coffers with the US government "managing" this historic site (former sugar cane and cotton plantations).

Now you can really appreciate the US department of parks, the department of interior, and department of park barrel politics -- every time you book the luxury guesthouse at Estate Castle, go nature hiking, dine on a free range drug free T-bone, or drink Jump Up and Kiss Me's made from Cruzan rum ... argggh argggh me matey.

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