Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bawling & Cracking With Pride

TALLAHASSEE - Former President George Bush, visiting Florida in his son's final days as governor, broke into tears of pride Monday when he recalled how Jeb Bush handled an unsuccessful gubernatorial bid in 1994. "He didn't whine about it," Bush said of his son, his voice beginning to crack. "And he didn't complain." (Knowing DaddyCo would give him the goobernatorial later and el presidente soon.)

As he struggled to stop crying, he joked that his wife, Barbara, "will bawl me out for breaking up." (Babs the bawlbuster.)

Jeb Bush then came to his father's side, receiving a light admonishment from his father. (Don't we look like real human beings boy?)

"I can do this," he said, then added as his son threw an arm around him, "I love this guy." (It's GW junior I gladly sacrifice on the altar of NWO, aka New International Order.)

The audience rose in extended applause. (Yes, people really are that stupid.)

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