Friday, March 07, 2008

Melted Air

Justin Raimondo, alternative icon of, confesses to being an Obama cultist.

RAIMONDO: "Okay, I'm coming out of the closet, and admitting I'm one of you. There, I can say it, at last, out loud and proud: I'm a conservative-paleo-libertarian with a man-crush on Obama. Whew! What a relief! Now that I've got that off my chest, I can speak freely, and openly, about my condition – and, what's more, address my fellows in the spirit of mutual solidarity and support. Because it looks like we're going to need all the support we can get. First, my story: Like many of you, I tried to deny it. I lived deeply, and tragically, closeted, afraid to face my inner desires and tortured by the possibility that someone might find out. Trying not to look at him when he came on television – which, as you know, is often. I looked, of course, but only out of the corner of my eye, and tried not to swoon as those golden words melted the very air."

---- What did I tell you below in The Obama Fling? "Obama love knows no gender bias. The majority of male Obamamites are just less vocal; internalizing their swoon."

Raimondo has a new headshot of himself sans the lip dangling bad boy cigarette. Lol. The new Justin pic reminds me of Scoobey, our bull mastiff, who tilts his head and says "rhuh?"

Well Bubba, today I have completed the 5 stages of political grief.

Denial - tried that briefly before witnessing US policy in Central America.
Anger - at a nation which blew an immense opportunity for humankind.
Bargaining - work within the "system" with a conscience (not possible).
Depression - frustration in the fight against a system so corrupted it can never be undone peacefully.

And finally, acceptance. I accept the fact that the vast majority of my fellow citizens will masturbate over fools gold watching television in their closets and gush with hot air.


Liberal White Boy said...

Hi Kate

You have thrown alot of things I find interesting into a single post. Scooby, Justin, Obama and masturbation. I'm on overload. You have nailed me also on this Obama thing. I must admit I also like Obama even though he is far to the right of me politically. I read the whole Raimondo article at anti war also. If I remember correctly Raimondo is gay. This was an interesting way of letting us know about how he felt about Obama don't you think?

Kate-A said...

Heehee. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama was gay. Michelle and the girls are his "beard."

Raimondo is libertarian - in other words a person who is right-wing except for one area (usually sex) where they are "liberal."

Initially I thought Obama was charismatic - but he doesn't seem to have the stamina to keep up pace. I've seen him recently appear almost bored with himself. But it doesn't take much to impress the public.

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