Monday, March 03, 2008

While You Were Out

While you were out protesting USMC recruitment, or freeway blogging with momma's old bed sheets and spray paint, and cheering on your favorite antiwar poser on a forum using your real name because you like to see your name in print - the US government awarded EADS-Northrop Grumman (EADS, Netherlands, manufacturing in France & Germany) a $100 billion 30 year contract to make your tankers.

"We should have an American tanker built by an American company with American workers," said Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan., who represents the district in Wichita where Boeing would have done much of the tanker work. Tiahrt said he will try to reverse the decision.

EADS stock up today. Boeing stock slid. (Coincidentally, Europe voted in support of further Iran sanctions today.)

That's the same politically mature Europeans (according to America's "left"), who have learned the hard WWI&II way to promote peace, those grown-up Europeans who detest US warmongering, some say even "hate us" - yet they do love US military contracts.

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