Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Obama Fling

Charlotte Allen writes a sexist piece for WaPo We Scream, We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get?, apparently she thinks only women scream and swoon for Obama, but Obama love knows no gender bias. The majority of male Obamamites are just less vocal; internalizing their swoon.

Why has Barack Obama won the hearts and minds of so many? Ask no more, KAB explains.

It's social neoteny. The retention of immature characteristics into adulthood, usually referring to larvae - although the US masses are sexually developed, they are wingless worm-like feeders who die before reaching the adult stage. Similar to flies in that they eat, shit, and bother people. Neoteny affects all races and economic classes.

That's right Bubba, neoteny. It's the ADHD of 20-somethings. It's the neotenic mid-lifer still seeking novelty and sensation. It's the old farts trying to be trendy and calling it young at heart. It's a culture of shallowness dealing through the sensual senses as opposed to thought. It's the US neo-culture where adults are unpredictable, their priorities out of balance, who overreact to any and all stimuli - and they firmly believe such juvenile traits are desirable, attractive, and downright mature Bubba.

Many Republican neotenists, who like to think themselves the grownups on the playground, voted for the biggest child among them, twice - GW Bush, who at 40 was still a drunk brawling in bars and driving the family car through the garage. Even after Poppy scruffed him by the neck and dried him out for the presidency, GW remained a self-absorbed undisciplined cowardly bully teenager from a dysfunctional home life.

Many Democrat neotenists, who like to consider themselves progressive, voted for the biggest children among them, twice. Bill and Hill, the prom queen and her king. And like the popular kids in high school, no matter how much whoring and destruction they do, they remain popular because they are the "in" crowd.

Although it is extremely unlikely Obama will make it to the White House - the neotenic public is having fun with it. It's novelty, it's sensational, it's attention getting - it's a sweet 16 birthday key to a sports car.

It's a phenomenon I see locally - the teen white daughters of the lawyers and physicians here in town wouldn't dare date a Black peer openly but do tippy-toe to this side of town to bang the Black football team.

Obama is the forbidden fruit, the love taboo, call it "change" if you want and you don't have to sneak around - but most white voters aren't going to marry him, or even take him home.

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