Sunday, October 05, 2008

McKinney Missing

A few marbles I believe.

I just heard, former congresswoman and presidential runner, Cynthia McKinney claims that during Katrina 5000 prisoners were murdered by one shot to the head and their bodies disposed of in the Louisiana swamps. The mother of a NG who was charged by DoD to dispose of the bodies told his mother who told McKinney.

I believe in government cover-ups and criminality - but this is over the top. I've warned you about McKinney in the past, that she is not the speak-truth-to-power-icon her supporters maker her out to be. McKinney portrayed herself as a 911 truther, raising valid questions about 911, and now she begins to lower her own cred with questionable accusations of 5000 bodies tossed in a swamp, which somehow didn't attract any attention at the time.

I suspect Cynthia is well-compensated for her role in the political sideshow.

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Syd said...

That could never happen.


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