Monday, October 06, 2008

Who's NeoEmpire

Yet another article on the decline and fall of the American empire.

Now, basically I agree with much of what this author says. I.e.: "People of real quality not only do not gravitate toward political leadership... The sooner this country gives up its dreams of world-bestriding dominance ... the better off we will be."

But - here's an issue I have with the constant drumbeat of and for the collapse of empire. Who will take its place? Do folks honestly believe, once they have finished voicing the hope for a better America to rise from the ashes of its demise, that the world will live as one, in perfect harmony with liberty and justice for all?

They seem pretty sure that China, Russia, EU, or XYZ will not step up to wear the robe of empire. When has the world not had a ruling power/empire? Do you really think the fall of American Empire will be replaced with a more benign or benevolent one?

Face it people - you will live under the rule of some Power Unit whether you like it or not. The question is - who's empire?

Articles such as Evidence of Decline are a dime a dozen and such prattle has been around at least since my great grandparents and grandparents time. Writers then too swore the self-indulgence, decadence, adventurism, and political corruption of the 1890s gilded age, the roaring '20s, and/or the free love '60s, were evidence of impending and imminent decline and doom. Ending each of those eras was a depression with periods of civil unrest/violence, and wars, with more power handed to the Government - under the misguided notion that Government would fulfill the promise of heaven - where billions will live in idyllic peace. Playing harps around the campfire?

And, many of my ancestors, being followers of the Good Book, believed such eras were prophetic proof of Revelations and Jesus returning to reign with 1000 years of peace after a lot of fire and brim, or something like that. Weird weather patterns and other events of nature were also omens of the second coming of the Lord who would straighten us all out.

I sometimes find it a bit humorous that many of today's non-religious "progressives" also believe in prophetic collapses and some "power" bringing a reign of world peace and justice - they just think man as lord will do it and not some guy in the sky.

Let the fall begin, so world leaders can convene, probably in Brussels or Vienna, and look down upon the milling billions to reward or punish our behavior, decrees issued without bias of course and as usual based on utility and productivity of we pissants.

At least the author above managed to get through another sky-is-falling but it's-good-for-us article without injecting the term "neocons." Although I wouldn't be surprised if in the future those NeoOne World Peacekeepers are telling our great grandchildren they are not eligible for some Utopian benefit because of global reconstruction - and they will refer the blame back to something as equally and sphincterally abstract such as the policies of those former marauding "neocons" or "neoliberals."

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