Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As regular readers know, KAB in the past has solicited yearly for funds to keep KAB going; to keep the biting commentary and truth out there.

Well, dear readers, I believe those lean days of struggling to keep KAB afloat and getting the truth out there - those lean days will soon be over. Once Obama is elected and redistributes the wealth - KAB's bigger ship will come in.

That's right, no longer will KAB be forced to live in the cramped quarters of a 50 footer when we can have a 73 footer, or more, and we may even christen our ship when it comes in, Bamarama. (Being somewhat conservative KAB has chosen to forgo the ostentatious yachts with chopper pads.)


Kathy said...

I will gladly bake 2 carrot cakes if I may have first dibs on the 50-footer.


Kate-A said...

I will give you the 50 footer, after all, we have to spread it around.


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