Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uri Bezmenov

You Don't Really Believe America Won the "Cold War" Do You?

BFN/Fintan Dunne interpretation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Is this why I haven't come across a knight in shining armour replete with character, integrity, chivalry, tenderness, strength and all of those wonderful things I think of in a man?

Not to mention what I have been seeing in many of the women I have come into contact with.

I have to preserve my wonderful state. I think I will read a nice romance novel. I will surely find him there. I think an aristocrat would capture my imagination as long as he falls into the category of the leading men in romance novels. I don't think a man who hasn't gotten lost in a literary world at some point in his life would interest me much. There is a certain beauty and thoughfulness imparted by it that I find absolutely irresitible. Of course, other things lend to it.

If anyone meets that criteria and contacts you, do let me know.


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