Saturday, September 19, 2009

American Tribal Syndrome

Jimmah Carter, Bill Cosby, Pelosi, Maureen Dowd, etc. - It is not racism. Even Obama rejects the claim, letting others hoist this petard.

It may be the OJ syndrome. You know, where tens of thousands high-fived OJ's acquittal simply because it was a black man who beat the man (slitting throats didn't matter). It was the OJ syndrome that made long time Republican and Bush man, Colin Powell, become an Obama supporter. It wouldn't matter if Obama had preached Marxism from the stump, African-American Colin would have supported him because he was a black man who might beat the man. It's why most blacks laughed when African-American Kanye West stole the young European-American Taylor Swifts thunder - she was just a hillbilly singing white girl.

It may be the syndrome that caused African-American rightwinger Bill "personal responsibility" Cosby to also claim "racism is playing a role in recent outbursts against President Obama." Probably the most militant statement Cosby has ever made in his life.

I dunno why European-American James Carter would believe criticism of Obama is fueled by racism - Carter is supposed to be a wise old man. Is racism what he hears in his circle of white friends? How much time has Jimmah spent with black folks in the past few decades? When I was watching the clips of Carter on this topic I thought, god the man is still living in the '60s and '70s. I firmly believe one should retire from public forums when of the age of persistent watery eyes, 3 inch earlobes, and unable to pass a mini mental status exam.

European-American Pelosi used the issue for nothing more than a quivering lip with frozen forehead moment of pandering to the gays in her district. And she warns folks regarding their statements to "curb their enthusiasm ... that some of the people — the ears it is falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statement might assume." Is that the recycled "watch what you say" from the Bush era?

And what does airhead pundit Queen of Snark European-American Maureen Dowd know about racism? Well, she won a Pulitzer for reporting Monica's blowjob ... uhm ... she hears unspoken words in the air as in "You lie, boy!" Born and bred in D.C., she claims that for two centuries, the South has feared a takeover by blacks. Lol. God, is that helterskelterish. Dowd should stick to penis reporting.

Those who suffer from OJ syndrome are often white, for example, the white talking heads who claim that comparing Obama to Hitler or an animal is racism - although my Bushitler and Chimp Bush shirt and coffee mugs are okay, raise your hand if you considered Bush the village idiot and wet-brain moron, commander in thief. Oh, the placard that said "Bury Obamacare with Kennedy" was bad? No, it was in response to the liberals who hoped to get more converts for their healthcare plan while European-American Ted's dead body was still warm - claiming healthcare reform was Kennedy's lifelong dream. A tacky and obvious grab at support via sentimental b.s.

You see, it's only racist when a white person criticizes a black person, white folks can only criticize other white folks, black folks can criticize all white folks - if black folks criticize Obama they are "sell-outs," so it's okay to trash blacks who criticize Obama, as the liberals trashed Cosby when his speeches mentioned personal responsibility and pound cake. But Cosby may have seen the light now that he finally agrees with liberal tribe members on something.

For those who think the animosity toward Obama is race-based - think again. Most Americans, even the dumbest, know that the president (any color) is a puppet. The president, whether Bush or Obama, may believe in the agenda he's pushing - but he did not write the agenda, did not plan the agenda - he's given the to-do list, the speeches, and follows the script.

Slamming, even loathing Obama, is not racism. I think Bush the Boy the most loathsome man to hold office in my lifetime, nothing to do with race - I'm sure people can feel the same about Obama, and nothing to do with race.

It seems to me, folks like Carter, Dowd, and Pelosi weighing in on racism are depicting whites as the natural enemy of blacks - and seems they think we're all dumb enough to believe it.

Maybe the race issue is nothing more than an attempt to distract from all the other hot potatoes being thrown around - Acorn, the economy, unemployment, Wars that Obama owns now, plummeting poll numbers (haven't heard "plummet" in a while), or distraction from the hypocrisy, of such things as firing the IG Gerald Walpin, the Obama ties to Public Allies, another organization on the public teat, to train future community leaders - if it were a republican tribe, that would be community brownshirts. Maybe it's to distract from the government takeover of higher education - cutting out those evil middle-men bankers, so the government can run education successfully without corruption, you know like the post office, Medicare/Medicaid, HUD, DoD, Social Security, EPA, the IRS, Amtrak, etc...

I think this is the part where I say something profound about "move beyond" ... ? or is it move along nothing to see ... ? I can no longer be sure what rhetoric belongs to which tribe.

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