Friday, September 25, 2009

Monkey See Do

(CNN) — Former President Bill Clinton is speaking out about his decision to change his personal stance on same-sex marriage.

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, the former president said that while he still believes the issue should be left up to the states, he is no longer personally opposed to same-sex marriage as he once was.

"I was against the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage nation-wide, and I still think that the American people should be able to play this out in debates," Clinton said. "But me, Bill Clinton personally, I changed my position.

"I am no longer opposed to that," he added. "I think if people want to make commitments that last a lifetime, they ought to be able to do it."

---- Yep, Clinton is the go-to man on a lifetime commitment. Has Cooper left the closet yet? If the morality whores would push as fervently for Black marriage - our moral leaders might be worth their weight in condoms.

Interesting to read the defenders "logic" in the comments sections, "Haven't you noticed male on male sex among animals? Cats, dogs, sheep, horses, etc. That's as natural as you can get." --- Yep, our neutered male dog will still try to hump other male dogs - if the other mutt refuses, and usually does, a real dog fight follows. It's not sex fool, it's domination, territory, alpha male. As for the gay primate argument - maybe that's why the bonobo ape is known as the "forgotten monkey." Primate homosexual behavior is also a dominance thing, or used to divert attention and diffuse tension - rubbing genitals to avoid conflict - sort of reminds me of the UN speeches. (Even flinging verbal feces on occasion at the UN.)

In nature I see promiscuity, polygamy, polyandry, incest, and species who cannibalize their young and their mates - but most human societies frown on those "natural" acts too, for good reason.

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