Friday, September 18, 2009


Isaac and big brother Alan.
There is almost exactly 5 years between Alan and Isaac. Alan has been parentally "prepared" for a new sibling. Just as Alan's dad (my son) was prepared for a new sibling when he was 5 y/o, about 35 years ago. My son adored his little sister like this, day after day. On the 5th day, my 5 y/o smiled and said "You can take her back now."


Anonymous said...

I was headed to comment on the newer post when I re-read this one. It brought to mind a late friend and adviser of mine who would tell or listen to a short tale such as yours, then look me in the eye and say, "remember. . . these are the things . . ."


p.s. my other comment is of no matter in light of the above moment!

Kate-A said...

As they say "the best things in life are free." :)

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