Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Stop Snitching, For Justice’s Sake, by Suhith Wickrema, who best I can tell is a social worker in Cincinnati. This piece is a good example of the endless ignorance the public is subjected to.

The writer states:

Earlier this year my daughter, Angela, and her boyfriend bought a house in Roselawn. At a belated Fathers Day brunch, Angela shared that she had wanted to call the police on the “dope boys” hanging around the street corner. Her boyfriend protested. He said that calling the police would be snitching. Angela’s boyfriend was in good company. James Duane, a law professor at Regent Law School, in a public lecture titled, “Don’t Talk to the Police,” states, “I will never talk to any police officer under any circumstances.” Duane tells the story of Eddie Joe Lloyd, who had written to the police, suggesting how to solve several murders. Lloyd was convicted of committing one of those murders. After spending 17 years in prison, DNA evidence exonerated him.

Most inmates in state prisons tend to come from a handful of neighborhoods. This means that, in certain neighborhoods, almost all the residents might know someone who is in prison or has been in prison. At the same time people in these neighborhoods have not experienced a reduction in victimization. Life experience has taught them that talking to the police does not help. Residents in high-crime areas do not need statistical data or criminological concepts to know that the current criminal justice policy is not working.

So why cooperate with a broken system? Why talk to the police? Not talking to the police has become an act of passive resistance. “All men recognize the right of revolution – that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.”-Henry David Thoreau. “We got over two million motherfuckers locked up. Stop snitchin’”- Hip-hop artist Ice Cube.

With more than two million of my fellow citizens in prisons, I see the act of not cooperating with the police as an act of civil disobedience. I hope you join me. "

------ Wouldn't wanna snitch on "dope boys" because ... according to the left/progressive code of conduct snitching does not change anything, the police are your natural enemy, and/or a few rocks and joints are a "victimless crime." Never mind the victims of the dope boys and their customers - you know the murdered and/or used and abused family members and future boys and customers, neighbors, businesses - who are forced to support the dope boys - one way or another. "Victimless crime" is shouted by those doing the crime - follow the trail and there will always be others paying dearly for it somewhere.

The professor/author, James Duane, wrote of Eddie Joe Lloyd of Michigan who did 17 years for a crime he didn't commit. Eddie Joe had been confined to a mental institution after a violent dispute in a welfare office in 1984. From the mental institution he wrote the local police that he could help them solve the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl. It is said his confession was coerced and he had the usual sloppy court appointed defense. In 2002 DNA proved it was not Eddie. Some believe he knew details of the crime because he overhead conversation from folks in the neighborhood who had organized the search for the missing girl and found her body in an abandoned garage. Some say he was fed crime scene details by the police. Family and acquaintances said Eddie always had illusions of grandeur.

Wrongful convictions are of course unjust, but to use that as an excuse not to "snitch" or not to "talk to police under any circumstances", especially involving horrific crime - is pure stupid. Eddie was a victim of the system, but he was also a victim of his own disturbed mind. He died 2 years after his release and family members and attorneys have since received $4 million. Hopefully the profit from his suffering will be used wisely.

The silly snitch piece goes on to quote Thoreau and Ice Cube as if non-cooperation with police is an act of civil disobedience, revolutionary, and cool - the author wants you to join him. Baaa baaa. The revolutionaries who think it's okay for "dope boys" hanging on the corner are usually the first to cry and "snitch" to the police when they come home one day to find the door busted and all electronics missing.

The reason why the system is not working in high crime areas is partly because the sheep have been convinced not to snitch - but even more reason is because many of those who might have information do not want to draw attention to themselves because they too are guilty of illegal, immoral, or unsavory activity. A few keep quiet with fear of retaliation if they "snitch." Some have just washed their brains with stupid is and stupid does.

But, thanks to the "don't snitch" mentality - watching the rising tide toilet swirling at your doorstep is now cool, a revolution Bubba - eat, drink, and keep quiet. It's the Jim Jones ghetto cool-aid. Salud.

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