Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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A billboard advert in the US state of Iowa that linked President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin was removed on Wednesday morning. The sign, which was funded by a group of local Tea Party activists, has been replaced with a community service announcement. Text on the sign had read: "Radical leaders prey on the fearful & naive." The billboard had angered many in the local community, including other Tea Party activists. A representative of the Iowa group called the billboard's owner and requested the sign be removed on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, America's largest civil rights group passed a resolution condemning the Tea Party for tolerating racism and bigotry. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has not released the language of the motion, but a spokesperson has said that it calls on Tea Party members to "repudiate the racist element and activities within the Tea Party".

--- As if the "left" did not compare Bush to Hitler - the strategy of fear, etc. I still have my Bush mugs and tee shirts with Bushitler wearing an Adolph mustache. I notice now that Obama is waging the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - we no longer here the term "war criminals."

Maybe the North Iowa Tea Party billboard doesn't bother me because I'm immune after 8 years of the same comparison to Bush. Could the billboard have warned against socialism without Obama's mug shot? I don't see the billboard as racist and bigoted - it's politically incorrect. Everyone knows only republicans can be compared to Hitler.

Ah, the NAACP. An organization that has become as useful as teats on a bull. Such a shame so many organizations have become self-serving institutions (as have our pols).

NAACP recently lost their suit against Kyle TX for discriminatory zoning. Seems City of Kyle set their minimum lot size and standards for single-family homes to such that it raised the price from $100k to $133K - supposedly pushing out blacks and Latinos and against the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The NAACP was first and foremost when pushing for easy lending a couple of decades ago but in 2007 they found their calling is to sue the same mortgage companies for "predatory lending." Oh, oh, no wait ... the NAACP dropped their case because "Wells Fargo pledged to follow the group's principles on fairness and lending."

It all depends on what pledge is pledged to the NAACP I guess.

I know of a half-dozen cases locally in the last few years where the NAACP has come to stand up for social justice and fight discrimination. One particularly comes to mind. Let's call the main participate Sandra. Sandra, a 20-year-old black college student had a scuffle and words at a local Wal-mart. Other customers thought she was cutting in line, she thought they were picking on her, and the clerk asked her to leave, she refused and took a swipe at the clerk, the police were called, and it escalated from there. Sandra eventually was charged with assaulting a cop, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, etc. etc. (Wal-mart footage, inside and out, shows Sandra made quite an ass of herself.)

Here comes the NAACP lawyer to fight racism in a small southern town. That is until Sandra's daddy told him he was going to kick his ass because he gave the defense witness list to the prosecutor (required by law). The lawyer packed his bag, checked out of Holiday Inn and went back to St. Louis. Sandra and the DA settled on a misdemeanor charge and probation, along with anger management classes - but not before the regional chapter of NAACP organized a march to the courthouse, which drew about 20 people. No KKK, no skinheads, just a couple of dozen friends and family members of Sandra's and the regional NAACP leader, locking arms to march and demand that Sandra get justice.

The remaining cases around here are just as pointless but more humorous. The head of our local NAACP is a lewd, old ex-con recently turned Reverend who still schemes and scams, so I guess there's no vetting. Surely somewhere though there are good members doing the right thing? I dunno. Too many folks seem to think "social justice" equals acting a fool and getting away with it, and praised, and sometimes paid.

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Radical puppets would have been closer to the truth!

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