Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fat Cats Hungry Rats

Charles Rangel: Pompous, corrupt, egotistical, and believes he is above all others. Fairly common traits in congressional lifers. They forget they are public servants and see the public as serving them. Two things our "leaders" rarely or never mention: Political corruption and term limits. To do so would put 99.9% of them out of work. Rangel is the obligatory political sacrifice at the public's alter so the remaining pols can rest easy for a few years, until the next crook is chosen for public embarrassment with a wrist slap. Besides, Rangel knows where his peers bury their fraud and graft.

Alvin Greene: Uncomfortably heartbreaking to see someone so fumbling and dense in the spotlight of his own making. But, it proves my theory that for at least the last 50 years the average American voter has no business voting, will vote for the first name on the ballot under their party affiliation, will vote for tingles, for personality, or for whomever their momma, daddy, husband, boyfriend, neighbor, or coworker say they're casting a ballot for. Please lord, force folks to pass a literacy and history test for voting eligibility.

Obama Rama: Shameful. Honestly, The View? I have never watched the View as I cannot stomach Joy Behar, never liked her as an actress or comedienne. She's a bull in a china shop - no grace. And how anyone who can listen to Baba WaWa... I have the feeling Obama has little to do with the presidency, he just plays one on TV. It doesn't appear Biden is Barack's brain, so who is really running the sideshow?

Opposers of Arizona Immigration Law: Reality TV, an episode of hoarding. Hoarding millions of unskilled uneducated workers - not because you love them, but because it makes dysfunctional little ol' you feel special, important, or you baby's daddy is from the barrio. If you want to see the future of the US simply look at the worst of Juarez, Tijuana, Nogales. A. Philip Randolph, radical, socialist, black civil rights leader, said in the 1920s: "This country is suffering from immigrant indigestion. It is time to call a halt on this grand rush for American gold which over-floods the labor market, resulting in lowering the standard of living, race-riots, and general social degradation."

It struck me a while back that rather than immigrants becoming more American - Americans are becoming more Latino. Something I noticed in Latin America, at least in a dozen countries, is the average male doesn't do much. Millions of males spend their time at the cantina playing pool or in a hammock, and/or sssssttt ssssssttting at the females. The workforce is predominantly women and children.

The poorest countries have the highest birth rates, the largest informal economies and the weakest social policies – Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Paraguay – and also have the highest female participation in the workforce. I have witnessed the American male shuffling down the same path. Supporting one's family is not a source of pride anymore. Modern American males expect the female to pull her own weight or, and too often, pull his weight too, while he hustles for a disability check or sells dope, maybe works odd jobs now and then, or waits on a settlement from that last frivolous lawsuit. Or, again too often, women have come to believe - who needs a male at all. I've heard more than one woman say men are only good for fixin' lawn mowers and f******.

I'm not saying latinization is to blame for the problems in the US - but if some enemy wanted to drop the US to its knees, what better way than using the structures of social degradation that work so well in third world nations. The "fat cats and hungry rats" method. Change the morality of the average male so that he is no longer the protector of women and children, but the predator.

Phyllis Schlafly's recent comments, bashed by liberals of course, may have a grain of truth. Schlafly says "unmarried women" overwhelmingly support President Obama and are on welfare. But does anyone really care what gasbag Schlafly thinks or says? "Unmarried women, 70% of unmarried women, voted for Obama, and this is because when you kick your husband out, you've got to have big brother government to be your provider," said Schlafly."

But, Obama does have a lot of mommas. Marriage is for white people. I was stunned to learn that a black child was more likely to grow up living with both parents during slavery days than he or she is today, according to sociologist Andrew J. Cherlin. Factor in the employment and poverty stats of single women/mothers, specifically minority women, and most receive some form of government provided aid.

Some day soon the money will run out. Change is coming. If you want to see America's future - just look south of the border. Yessiree, fat cats and hungry rats.

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