Saturday, July 10, 2010

More White Man Bias

New Study Shows Racial Bias in SATs. Or so say the progressive experts from this or that source.

"The latest study was conducted for the University of California system, and replicates most of the results of the 2003 study. Researchers concluded that Black students did worse than whites on easier questions with more common words because some of those words have different connotations in Black and white cultural settings. For example, simple words like “bad,” “tight” and “slick” carry different meanings in colloquial Black speech than in white usage. The SATs test the “white” meanings, putting Blacks at a disadvantage for the easy questions."

------ Are they serious? Yep, guess so, slap mah 'fro, black Americans are apparently unaware that simple words used as slang have a totally different meaning in the real white world.

From a year ago, USA Today article, SAT scores show disparities by race, gender, family income.

Average SAT scores by group:
1707: AP students (advanced/college prep high school courses).
1702: Students reporting family incomes of $200,000+ a year.
1623: Asian students.
1581: White students.
1506: Students reporting family incomes of $60-$80,000 a year.
1448: American Indian or Alaskan native students.
1364: Latino students.
1345: Puerto Rican students.
1276: Black students.

Males scored better than females, on average, at 1523 and 1496 respectively. Obviously, uncolloquialized Puerto Ricans, Latinos, American Indians, Eskimos, and Asians, like white folks, have a better understanding of simple words. (Particularly the average Asian.)

Black folk should be ashamed of that list, it's "bad" (white folks simple word usage). Stop using the worn-out, progressive-provided excuse of disadvantaged "race bias," you see where that's gotten you? Try reading more, and befo' yu knowed it, yu be done aced dem tesses."

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