Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playing Cards

What's behind yet another summer of racial discontent in America?

On one side are largely-white "tea party" members depicting President Obama as an African witch doctor, sparking a condemnation from the NAACP last week. On the other is the charge that the Obama Justice Department is "openly hostile" to enforcing civil rights laws against black racists, including members of the New Black Panther Party.

Who this summer of racial discontent will ultimately benefit is the open question. For both sides, playing the race card could backfire.

While many middle-class Americans may share the "small government" ideals of the tea party movement, its racialized aspects could scare many voters, including many conservative blacks, away from the conservative tent and ticket. Others may be turned off by liberals trying to squelch legitimate debate about the direction of the nation by playing the race card.

---- It seems to me a small faction of both right and left "leaders" want a race problem and actively contribute to racial division and hostile rhetoric, for without the "politics of division" they are out of a job (and funding).

What I find disturbing is the NAACP climbing in bed with the NBPP (New Black Panther Party). NBPP has been around about 20 years but only recently has the group managed to get widespread publicity. Original Panthers and Bobby Seale consider the new panthers illegitimate. If you put any faith in the Southern Poverty Law Center the SPLC has categorized NBPP as a "black racist" hate group. And judging from their writings and activities, I agree.

I'm not saying there are no racially motivated crimes, of course there are, but we're trending toward calling too many white on black crimes as racially motivated.

NBPP involve themselves in cases they claim are racially motivated hate crimes when the cases may be crimes of passion or plain wickedness. Such as the Anthony Hill case. Hill, age 30, was drinking with 19-year-old coworker, Gregory Collins, in Collins home, when during an argument Collins shot Hill in the back of the head. Collins then tied Hill to his truck bumper and dragged him, a motorist found Collins body on the highway and the blood trail led back to Collins trailer.

Collins has been charged with murder. It has not been officially classified as a hate crime and some locals believe it was because both men were sleeping with the same woman. I find next to nothing on the background of Collins. There's no mention if Collins used drugs, although his photo has the classic look of a meth head. But NBPP automatically labels this a racist crime b/c of the dragging. I label that evil and perverse but there is no evidence the motive was racism. Or a case may be plain incompetent accidental (Oscar Grant case) which served a handful of Oakland thugs with an excuse to burn and loot.

The sheep are encouraged to blame another race for their personal misery, whether warranted or not. But you can't blame another race if you lack basic education. You can't blame another race if you lack language skills. No one forces you to speak Ebonics or Spanglish or cracker vernacular. You can't blame another race because you won't relocate for a job, not wanting to leave mama's house or 'cause your baby's mama won't move with you. You can't blame another race for a rap sheet as long as your arm. You can't blame another race for your moral choices or angry mental state. Racism is not the biggest enemy, ignorance is.

It's a small but loud group who want to blame black on white or white on black crime as racially motivated when race is clearly not the motive. Well funded and bullhorned loudmouth agitators promote the issue as gospel and the worst among us will follow along.

Then again, like the article said, maybe the race card will backfire.

Is that why Biden today "defended" the Tea Party? Democrats concerned about backfire? When I looked at the poll accompanying this article at 11 a.m. today, the question "Do you believe racism is part of the Tea Party's attacks on President Obama?" the results were 37% yes, 60% no. Looking at it now, 3 p.m. says 76% yes, 23% no. NYDNews has been described as the "pulse of New York City" and "midway between liberal and conservative" and a "serious tabloid." It seems to depend on ownership and issue. Daily News endorsed Obama, owner billionaire Bilderberger and CFR member Mort Zuckerman has admitted to writing a speech for Obama. One thing that's correct - its a tabloid.

Seventy-six percent of NYD readers believe Tea Partyers attack Obama because of racism. Are folks really that stupid?

I know a black couple locally who wanted to attend a Tea Party event because they agree with its platform - but decided not to because of the negative publicity regarding racism, they were uncertain they would be safe. Is that the democrat's goal?

So really, what's behind "another summer of racial discontent"?

Is this a summer of racial discontent or just TPTB trying to sow discontent?

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