Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Century of Self

Edward L. Bernays, called the Father of Spin and so-called inventor of public relations, manipulated the perceptions of the public by taking advantage of the principles of psychology developed by his uncle, Sigmund Freud.

The Journey of the Self is the acclaimed 2002 BBC documentary by Adam Curtis. This four-part documentary explains the impact of Freud's many theories about the mind that politicians and companies far and wide have mastered over the past century to engineer society's consent and grow mass consumerism throughout the free world.


The Century of the Self Part 2

The Century of the Self Part 3

The Century of the Self Part 4


Anonymous said...

this is a great documentary kate, i suggest you watch "power of nightmares" and "the trap: what happened to our dream of freedom", both by the same director, adam curtis.

Kate-A said...

Thanks, I've heard of "Power of Nightmares" and will make a posty note to watch it this weekend.

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