Tuesday, February 06, 2007

World United

I have pretty much remained steadfast in that the US is not going to attack Iran, but tonight in a call with my oldest son, (36, currently 17 years in) who's opinion I respect a great deal, I asked if he thought we would attack Iran. He said yes.

Maybe he's wrong, hoping he's wrong, but he has more inside information and feelers than I do. Still, I'm reluctant to believe the US pols are that insane, and still lean toward the Iran Attack as a psyop, for audiences at home and abroad.

(On a semi brighter note, #2 son (14 years in) thinks it unlikely we attack Iran, "simple lack of manpower, but we could always bomb the shit outta 'em".)

Will the criminally insane banksters widen the war; another world war to end all wars and make all past wars look like sissy wars? A cover for killing off a large number of useless feeders, stealing resources, realigning friends and foes, consolidating the new world Poppy Bush spoke of years ago. A new world union, it should feel good, a sort of getting laid union, but apt to feel like rape to most of mankind.

I wonder about allies, and how allies do not always remain allies, and foes can sometimes become friends. How will it shake out this time around. Will it be the EU, Israel, and US against Russia, China, and parts of the Middle East? Who will India align with? Does that mean Wal-Mart heirs lose out and we no longer buy everything made in China? Will Habib be out of his tele-help job? Will Hugo's oil go to Bejing or DC?

Will the world experience such horrific slaughter and misery that EUSrael is brought to its knees begging for a rational representative world body to control warriors gone wild? It that the goal? Rather than our own perverted corrupted congress we will, seemingly by fate (not), acquiesce to a world congress? A political body more akin to a board of directors than leaders of divergent nations and cultures. Not singing kumbaya but ka'ching ka'ching.

Or will the goal be accomplished simply by economic forfeiture after a brief but wider war? BushCo gets the blame (or credit in some circles) for bankrupting the USA financially and in the eyes of the world, morally. And Joe Blow, agreeing with the new order of things because Joe never had a thought of his own, just yawns and changes the channel.

Joe says, having been told for years, the country is gonna end up like the Roman empire, fallen, all crooks and perverts, nuttin' he could do about it. (Higher brows dress it up with other terms, overreach, imperialism, Bush doctrine, etc. and seldom mention perverts as they usually are one.)

Surely the US could collapse without more war, but there's less profit in a peaceful fall for the masters of the universe in suits and lapel pins.

The US bully, brought to its knees, would tie in nicely with sacrifice. Sacrifice sovereignty, peacefully, because you failed to control your own government. Sacrifice because the planet is endangered (the planet is melting the planet is melting psyop). Sacrifice because of peak oil (the oil is running out oil is running out psyop). Sacrifice, sacrifice … stand down because you were too stupid to stand up. A sovereign planet, rather than sovereign nations, although countries may keep their names and borders. Sacrifice for the greater good of the new way. Kumba ka'ching yahoo.

When the mushroom cloud settles, nations, and particularly the US, will have proven they are incapable of self-governing, incompetent - so lets send representatives to one bigger and better world body to be even more incompetent and corrupt.

If that's the way the story runs – who will hold more power at governing the world through the UN (or a facsimile)? China? Russia? EUSrael? My money is on the monied white folks. And they will insist for years to come that Africa, the Middle East, and much of Latin America remain unruly and incompetent, in need of heavily armed keepers of the peace, even the "representatives" (puppets) these countries send will agree. Everything will continue to be made in China, Habib will have his job, and while Joe Blow jerks off to the TV his children will join peacekeeping forces.

Actually, it sounds like not much is going to change from what has been for the past 3 decades. Progressive types, unwittingly aiding the reichwing, have a lovey feeling for one world scenarios, but rather than commoners of the world uniting in where we seem to be heading, day to day survival will further divide us; CEO's on the World Board are not going to allow any unionizing.

Maybe Jeb will be the first president of the United Planet of Nations, a lifetime seat of course.

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